Question: Is this Child Abuse?


Hey, I received my 6th DD from deviantArt today. I’ve gone viral. You can catch my virus here.

It’s RMF. What’s in heavy rotation at your joint? I’m gonna try to be here today. Drop by and DJ if you want.


20 thoughts on “Question: Is this Child Abuse?

  1. Congrats on your art going viral! I love that one, it’s gorgerous.
    The sailor suit is NOT child abuse. He looks adorable in it. Look how it hugs his cubby butt cheeks… now, the squeezing that he would suffer at my hands on said butt cheeks may be considered abuse by some. 🙂


  2. The clown gives me pause.

    Your work is lovely, as always. It’s really impressive that you’re working while taking care of that babby and keeping your carpet white and cooking scrumptious meals. It’s wonderful!

    • The clown in person is not creepy, I swear. I am not a clown fan and I love that clown for some reason. So does LC apparently.

      And you give me entirely too much credit. I’m a shitty housekeeper. Someone comes twice a month to pick up the slack for us.

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