Would I “Write” a Blog Entry Just to Have an Excuse to Post Pictures and Videos of “The Final Sacrifice?” No.

If, for the purposes of this entry the value of “no”=”yes.”

Hey, look what I realized when I learned that Ben Shapiro wants poor Sandra Fluke to wash his skidmarked drawers–he looks an awful lot like buff, macho movie hero, Troy McGreggor.

Ben Shapiro, right

So, yeah, my thoughts drifted right to “The Final Sacrifice,” as they are wont to do. And it got me wondering: If Ben Shapiro is buff, macho movie hero, Troy McGreggor, who is his Zap Rowsdower? Who? Who? Who is chubby, sweaty and drunk enough to be that man? I can’t think of anyone.


24 thoughts on “Would I “Write” a Blog Entry Just to Have an Excuse to Post Pictures and Videos of “The Final Sacrifice?” No.

  1. you know, if i had balls, i would have to demand that ben shapiro suck them…just for this:
    My wife is busy in medical school, and I’m working.

    oh? his wife is “busy” in medical school? but he’s WORKING…i think we can all tell who THINKS they wear the pants in that family…i only hope is wife goes to medical school long enough to figure out how do away with ben w/out leaving any proof behind…

  2. Well I was gonna say Breitbart, because he kinda looked the part and had the requisite stupid name, but I see that ones been taken. Maybe Hineraker? ‘Cause really, he must have a stupid-ass name for it to work.

    Oh, and:


  3. Order Wows
    Orders Wow
    Rewords Ow
    Reword Sow
    Drowse Row
    Dowser Row
    Dowers Row
    Dower Rows
    Rowed Rows
    Wed Sorrow
    Dew Sorrow
    Words Wore
    Sword Wore
    Word Swore
    Word Worse
    Word Sower
    Word Resow
    Ed Rows Row
    Red Or Wows
    Red Rows Ow
    Red Row Sow
    Reds Or Wow
    Reds Row Ow
    Drew Or Sow
    Drew Row So
    Weds Or Row
    Dews Or Row
    Wed Or Rows
    Dew Or Rows
    Do Err Wows
    Do Errs Wow
    Rod Re Wows
    Rod Res Wow
    Rod Sew Row
    Rod We Rows
    Rods Re Wow
    Rods We Row
    Words Re Ow
    Words We Or
    Sword Re Ow
    Sword We Or
    Word Re Sow
    Word Res Ow
    Word Sew Or
    Dos Err Wow
    Sod Err Wow

    Hmm, can’t see an excuse for Rowsdower.

  4. As i said on Facebook, there’s only one man worthy of holding the title of Zap Rowsdower, and by worthy, I mean not fit to shine his shoes, and that’s John Nolte.

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