Grounds for Divorce

So I was setting up a flickr slideshow of Lord Chubbington on Apple TV and I went into my music library to look at my “Recently Added” playlist to pick songs to shuffle. And look what I found:



I have one thing to say to that: No.

See, hubby doesn’t have iTunes account set up on his computer, so I download songs for him and then sync his pods… or turn my computer over to him so he can do his thing. Now my precious library is sullied with these tracks. I bet it feels unclean. *I* feel unclean.


29 thoughts on “Grounds for Divorce

  1. Those guys were awful!! As I recall, the most distinctive thing about them was that Milton Berle’s son was their manager. Damn Yankees no prize either.

    At least my common-law spouse has some musical taste, if not much taste in boyfriends.

  2. True story: when hubby announced he as getting these songs, I was like, “I’m going to have to blog about this. ” I have to share my pain.

    Hubby’s rejoinder is always to ask if I grew up in communist Russia.

  3. He made himself dizzy shaking his head so hard, didn’t he? He looked like he got fallen down drunk in one split instant, and hung over the next.

  4. Even in the bucolic splendour know as Chez Kiwi there can be disagreements about music as some people love their decomposing composers and other people have sad old gits music.

      • Doktorling Sonja does not approve of vintage Krautrock, which she describes in scathingly vitriolic terms that she could only have learned by reading 1980s NMEs. In return I suspect that we should disapprove of her own musical tastes, except I’m not sure what they are.

      • I remember when I was younger, my father’s main complaint was the music I listened to was “droning.” Even now with time and distance I’m pleased to say he was wrong, and I actually had pretty decent taste in music as a young person.

  5. I had to split up with my last girlfriend because she kept insisting that I needed to become a Kenny Chesney fan. Fortunately, I learned this before the reationship got anywhere near as far as yours did.

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