Vietnamese Pho Cooked in Crockpot RecipeFAIL

Vietnamese Pho Cooked in Crockpot Recipe | Steamy Kitchen Recipes.

I was so excited about trying this. About 5-6 hours in, I tasted the broth. It tasted like fatty, anise-flavored water. This recipe seems incredibly flawed to me. If I were to make it again, I’d START with good quality beef broth or stock, add the bones on top of that, and I’d triple the amount of aromatics. A few slivers of ginger and 1/2 an onion did almost nothing to flavor even my HALVED recipe.

My latest is up here, if you’re interested.


9 thoughts on “Vietnamese Pho Cooked in Crockpot RecipeFAIL

  1. I’ve never tried the crockpot thing.

    Experience is the best teacher, they say. (I wouldn’t know, I was always in the other classes.)

  2. I saw the star anise. I wonder what happened with the recipe, they can have printing mistakes and miss things out.
    Sugar and spice is very good, bit of goldfish carry over?

    • Ya know, I was a teeny bit skeptical of the recipe. I just didn’t know how the broth was going to have any flavor with so few aromatics and NO SALT. Yes, it calls for fish sauce, but it’s a paltry amount for 9 cups of water (keeping in mind, I halved the recipe and DIDN’T halve the spices, etc. because I had a feeling it was “off.”) It calls for like a teaspoon of sugar? For nine cups of water? A few slices of ginger and half one onion for that 9 CUPS OF WATER? The recipe is really really flawed but I can save it with my tweaks.

      The inspiration from my piece came from the model stock. The goldfish came later. 😉

  3. To get a decent stock, I imagine you have to boil it for a while to extract the flavor of the ingredients… the crockpot doesn’t seem up to the task. I’ve never tried to make pho at home, when I order it, I get the kind with everything, including the tendons and the tripe. I’m like a goddamn shark, I’ll eat just about anything.

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