Artists: Living, Dead and Tacky

Thomas Kinkade is dead. This guy is still alive.

I feel sure he is Dumbo Ears’ Paul Ryan’s favorite artist.

In other news, my issue came out. I’m the first and most prominently featured artist. I get used to people not caring. I mean, people–far away–care. Magazines editors care. Other artists care. People from around the world write me to say they care, to say my art is amazing, inspiring, etc. But in my immediate circles of friends/family/online pals it goes mostly completely ignored. Even by my husband. I mean, he is very nice about it and says he likes my work, but I’m not sure he gets it. I remember I used to find all the indifference puzzling, but after awhile it turned to scabbed over puzzlement and I took the indifference for granted. So when I sent out the issue to my inlaws and parents (sans note or word of explanation) last week, I immediately forgot I did it. I’m serious–I completely forgot I sent them out. So I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised when my inlaws called to congratulate me. Father-in-law declared “Beth’s the only good artist in there.” (I disagree.) And my mother said via Facebook she was so proud she cried. I guess I’m doing something right.



20 thoughts on “Artists: Living, Dead and Tacky

  1. Oh, you have issues, do you?

    p.s. You shoulda picked better online fiends…

    p.p.s. Very nice! (But watch out for that apple…it’ll turn you into a tree!)

  2. Where are you going to find better on-line fiends than us! Although, now that your a big celebrity you’ll probably just blow off all your old fiends and take up with high-falutin big city demons and such. I’ve seen it happen a million times. (sigh)

  3. your fil is right…i think your work is the best in that issue…but then again, i LIKE dark whimsy…the jill mccall stuff is pretty cool, too…but this comes from a girl who is overjoyed with hubbkf’s gift of ‘the sherlock holmes victorian cookbook’…

    but for reals, good for you! i’ve been wondering on and off when the issue was going to come out…it seems like it was a long time ago when you first told us about it…

    so, congrats!

  4. Yay you!! That’s very cool. Good news from your parents too.
    Macnaughton is a fool. His symbolism is very good for a 14 year old boy.

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