I, For One, Welcome Our Zaftig New Orberlords

These orbs, with their hypnotic roundness, will surely rise up and destroy us all.

This was a great word for me ‘cuz unless “stuxes” is a word, I made a good word and blocked my opponent from the triple word score tile. Double duty badassery, bishes!


10 thoughts on “I, For One, Welcome Our Zaftig New Orberlords

  1. unless “stuxes” is a word

    Good thing you weren’t playing against an Antarian.

    From Arena of Antares: “Eight stuxes and half a dozen crossbow bolts pierced into the sand where I had been standing. If this was the way I, Dray Prescot, Krozair of Zy, was to die, then I …”

    From Bladesman of Antares: “But, for all that, a stux grazed across my chest, drawing a line of blood. That came from leaping away from three stuxes flighted together at my back. Now, had …”

    However, the U was just what I was looking for so I could play my high scoring Q and Z letter tiles with the word Squeeze

  2. I don’t go for the blocking game: it inhibits turnover on your rack. Where one possibility is open that you’re concerned about you just make another and you’ll get one of them. Brutes or exurbs somewhere.

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