Forget the Fairy Salad, This is So Good You’ll Eat Soggy Salad

Seems salad and other awesome rabbit food is the hot topic around the blog-o-sphere these days…

For tossing and eating.

I’ve eaten a lot of salads in my time. I’ve eaten salads at chain restaurants, fine dining establishments and, of course, home. The best salad I’ve ever had–bar none–is my mom’s. The secret is her dressing. Here’s how she makes her’s:

She fills her salad bowl with whatever veggies and fruits from look good that day.  Shortly before she is about to serve the salad, it’s topped with the following ingredients:

  • A generous dash of any oil that strikes your fancy
  • A nearly-as-generous dash any vinegar that strikes your fancy (seriously, just grab what’s handy–you can’t mess this up)
  • A generous sprinkling of salt and pepper
  • A couple of pinches of sugar
  • A couple of pinches of your favorite dried and/or fresh herbs (try oregano, Mrs. Dash, tarragon, basil, parsley, whatever floats your boat–Did I mention you can’t mess this up?)
  • A HEARTY sprinkling of granulated garlic (I mean, like A. LOT. Go nuts.)
  • A squeeze of lemon (I imagine orange or lime could be good too). OPTIONAL.

Toss everything together well. Welcome to Salad Heaven.

So where does soggy salad come in? Well, here’s the thing: I find these salads so yummers I will actually eat them after they’ve sat overnight in the fridge. Yes, all soggy and such. They’re that good. So ereebodee be healthy and make a Soggy Salad tonight!


20 thoughts on “Forget the Fairy Salad, This is So Good You’ll Eat Soggy Salad

  1. Travel-day food:

    One bag peanut M&Ms.
    Small package Peek Freans.
    One large and surprisingly good pork burrito from a chain – Cantina something? – in the Denver airport.
    One Payday bar.
    A few gummi worms.

  2. I made this , mostly to the letter last night. Being a moron, I forgot to read the directions and did not see that it called for a CUP of butternut squash, not the whole dang thing…so it’s like ‘Hello, would you like some salad with your butternut squash?” Still pretty delicious, though.

  3. hubbkf says i make the best salads evar! i think he says this just to get out of salad-making, but wev…it’s been 27 years and i’ll take what i can get…anyhoo, i used to work in a roadhouse located on the outskirts of beautiful downtown mingus, tx…the owner decided to go italian, so we spent many hours making homemade pastas in a teeny-skinny kitchen without nearly the appliances required to make home made italian food…our ‘house’ dressing was quite similar to your mom’s recipe…which i am soooooo trying out tomorrow night…hubbkf won’t know what hit him, eh?

  4. I still like faerie salad better, as long as the faeries are thinly sliced and you add plenty of garlic. Gotta be fresh locally grown organic farmer’s market faeries though, the ones you get imported from Chile this time of year are too chewy and lack that special sparkly crunch.

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