Random things you should know…

People are pinterested in me

…Even Cthulhu looks better with bows…

Billy West is an amazing, awe-inspiring voice actor. You may know him from his work on “Futurama,” where he does, well, just about every voice on the show (including, Zap Brannigan, one of the funniest characters in animation history). If you don’t know Billy or “Futurama,” well, BOOOOOOOOOO! It’s a terrific show and he’s a terrifically talented guy.

…When I wrote this post–which, I’m sorry, should have earned me several Internets, I immediately pictured, like, one of those teenybopper magazines for girls with an impishly posed Hitler on the cover.

BTW, Hitler? Total Samantha! What a slut!

Here is some random top rated stuff from my liberry…

…and a gorgeous new jewel…

What a face!


22 thoughts on “TGIRMF

  1. I’m going to have to pin your art to my Pinterest wall! Laura loves it so….. 🙂

    I LOVE Futuruma! I haven’t watched it in so long though. I MUST get back into it.

    That little munchkin of yours is the cutest thing evah!!! Happy Baby. 🙂


  2. Way,way back in my mispent yoot, about the first time I was able to sneak into a nightclub before I had quite reached the legal age, I saw a band called Truc of America. They were a talented band that used humor, parody and a ton of props in their show. Earlier this week I discovered that someone posted several videos of them on the yootoob. They bring back some great memories for me and now, because it’s RMF, I will inflict these videos on you:

    Outa Control
    Planet Claire
    Brain of a Spud
    Keeping Me Alive
    I’m a Nice Guy
    You Really Got Me

  3. Pinterest sounds like one of them cell-phone type thinghies I won’t be participating in.

    Futurama, on the other hand, I can hardily endorse.

  4. IIRC, Phil Hartman had originally been cast as Zap Brannigan before his death. I gotta say, West adds a whole layer of sleaze that I’m not sure Hartman would have been able to pull off.

    My favorite Futurama character is always Calculon. I always wanted them to spin him off into his own show.

    • If you’ve ever watched Newsradio, you’d know he could totally pull it off. That being said, I’m glad Billy got the part.

      I looooooooooove the idea of a Calculon spin-off. One of my all-time favorite episodes is a Calculon-heavy one.

  5. Howzabout a little random pre-dawn Sunday music? I’ve been listening to a lot of late-70’s stuff lately, and this is one of my all-time faves. When I was in high school, I worked at a local deli, and my boss decided to start deliveries to local businesses. I had a delivery to some really bad tippers, and the song came on the radi-adi-o, so I sat in the parking lot until it was over. Tips: To Insure Prompt Service, indeed!

    This is one of the best breakup songs ever– it’s the band breaking up with their crappy manager.

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