SOCIALIST BABY LOVES OBAMA: Helping (Stealing from) Substance

Substance seems to be having difficulties helping out Big Hollywood with its messaging. He’s saying that if you are trying to make something register as unpleasant in the average lizard-brain that perhaps  you should not use things like, say, smiling supermodels and kittens to convey your idea. Here’s where I step in and save the day. YOU’RE WELCOME, Big Ho and Substance!:


GODDAMMIT! Back to the drawing board…

Readers, I invite you to share your own pants-shitting-inspiring Big Ho headlines in the comments. Links to graphics also welcome!


PS–wish I had the right font.


15 thoughts on “SOCIALIST BABY LOVES OBAMA: Helping (Stealing from) Substance

  1. You know you can steal any content you like off my site.

    PS–wish I had the right font.

    Website alterations (not the pix but the text) are easier with HTML-editing browser plugins like That way you get to keep the site’s fonts and layout and spacing.

    In Web Developer the HTML editor is under miscellaneous. Once invoked you can change anything and it’ll stick as long as you don’t refresh the page or close the editor. Then you can just do a screenshot. Like this. Search for your headline text with the search box, and avoid trying to read a million lines of code.

    Ooh, I meant Like this.

    • Oh, well, thank you for the links! I wish I’d had that when I made the post. I think that could definitely come in handy down the road… BTW, maybe it’s just me, but I’m weirded out by people who go by the titles of royalty. It’s just extraordinarily pretentious and somehow inappropriate to me.

      And THANK YOU for letting us steal. When I made this entry, I was thinking to myself “Ya know, 90% of this post’s content came from Subtance–might wanna give him a shout-out.” 😉

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