Like Slapping for Chocolate

So I was just over at Laura’s reading about her son’s journey to Spain via Belgium, and it got me to wondering if the Spanish were known for their chocolate. Turns out, yes, they are. (I’ll give you a moment to wipe the drool off your keyboard.)

The stuff you learn on the Interchocolates, I swear!

Since the time of its discovery, the Spanish have been obsesionados (obsessed) with chocolate. Chocolate drinking establishments are called chocolaterias in Spain and serve the sweet, rich beverage, as well as cakes and pastries to accompany it. So enamored were the Madrilenos with the drink that the Pope was asked to change the rules regarding fasting to exclude chocolate! To this day, chocolate is a standard breakfast drink, especially in Madrid. Chocolate con Churros (Hot Chocolate with Fritters) is a popular breakfast around Spain.

The Spanish just got significantly more awesome.

In less happy, chocolatey news, I just heard someone on MSNBC say that Ron Paul’s candidacy resonates with The Yoots because he has a “message of liberty.” I’ve actually seen young folks emerge from a car that had Ron Paul stickers on it. Excuse me while I have a lie-down on my barfing couch and vomit all over my clutching pearls.

Yoots, listen. Listen to me. Look into my angry, angry eye. No, not that one. The other one, without the tic. Now…I know Ron Paul is super sexy, what with this being about 1000 years old and looking like a just-hatched bird crossed with the Crypt Keeper. And, yes, I know, his isolationist stance on foreign policy feels like watching Tosh.0* on a loop while stoned, coming on the heels of years and years of destructive, devastating war. And while his 23-Skidoo, Tippacanoe and Tyler Too hipness is, indeed, mesmerizing, and he won’t knock the marijuana cigarette out of your hand, he still remains a racist, dangerous, pseudo-Glibertarian. I’ve got one thing to say to your about your little crushy-poo on the dreamy Ron Paul and your well-worn, dog-eared copies of Tiger Coot magazine: SNAP OUT OF IT!

*Awful show, BTW. Racist and misogynist and gleefully misanthropic (and not in the adorable way I am gleefully misanthropic). Stop watching that show. Are you some kind of dumb douche?


5 thoughts on “Like Slapping for Chocolate

  1. Memo to self: Dig out photographs of Doktorling Sonja, in Madrid, at a cafe, starting the day with chocolate & churros.

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