What We’re Up Against

Meet the 27% Percent.

Meet people who are  poor, paranoid, angry (do they even know why?), and racist.  Mississippi is the poorest state in the nation; it also has the fattest and unhealthiest population. Aaaaaaand it’s also one of the least-educated.

It would be unfair of me to say everyone in the 27% is like these folks. That’s simply not true–some of them are rich and some of them have teeth.


PS–I know some of you don’t like Bill Maher. Ignore him. Watch the rest of the video.


12 thoughts on “What We’re Up Against

  1. I don’t even know what to say.
    Yikes??? No, that doesn’t quite cover it.

    I thought people and places like that were you know… fake. I can’t believe that (other than the guy driving the 4 wheel around his property shooting off his guy when bin Laden was killed youtube video thunder put up awhile back) there are actually people out there that think like that.
    I mean.. can they even hear themselves????


  2. Well, I think the “advantages” that they get from feeling superior to minorities and women is pretty apparent. It’s all quite tragic. As far as the generational transmission of culture goes, it hasn’t really been that long since the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement was very recent history. The Civil Rights movement refreshed the “South gonna do it again.” creed. The state of Mississippi peaked before the Civil War and has been going downhill since.

    One clear benefit I see that television has is that poor rural people can see more of the world and be a little less like characters in a Faulkner novel. Fox news doesn’t help but they do see other ways of living and being.

  3. Now I watched it. What can you say, it is like the interviews from bussed in mobs from authoritarian states around the world. It’s shocking because it’s in your country.

  4. I kinda like the proud white guy. On the left breast of his jacket he has a patch that indicates that he will mess you up if you dare disrespect the American flag and on the right breast he has a patch that disrespects the American flag.

    • This is what pisses me off the most about these gomers- without the “blue” states sending them all that sweet, sweet cash, they’d be poorer than Guatemala.

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