Thunder Helping Vacuumslayer

Thank you so much, Thunder. When I say your photos are lovely and inspiring, I’m not joking…

My latest print sales:

The Heights

Delicate Material

I’m sorry I’ve been so shitty about answering comments and visiting your blogs lately. I’ve been overwhelmed with baby and it’s easy for me to get tired and distracted and busy. Plus, you know, the art. It’s my goal to get caught up with everybody this weekend! Speaking of which, I hope yours is going awesome so far.


15 thoughts on “Thunder Helping Vacuumslayer

  1. Wonderful art! Many of us will understand about the high maintenance required by babbies. I am reading Claire Tomalins book about Samuel Pepys and she describes a guy who wrote a diary like Pepys as “being fully taken up looking after his children and even when they were past the age of falling into fires and down stairs he worried about them”.
    They is a bit time consuming

  2. Yes, babies sure do change our lives. 🙂 Kids are a lot of work.

    Love the new picture! It’s lovely. And those prints that you sold are great.. the second one, Delicate Material, is my favourite!


  3. You even worked orbs into the “Little Jaunt” print! Superb work! The detail of the owl knocks it out of the park.

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