Darling Dear, I Invite You to SUCK. ON. THIS.



35 thoughts on “Darling Dear, I Invite You to SUCK. ON. THIS.

  1. Are you still playing that semi-literate girl from Missouri? She hasn’t been on the t00bz lately, and I tend to worry about her. Also, MY BROWSER CAN’T FIND SADLY, NO’s URL!!! Is the mothership still there?


  2. Ooooh I gots a 500 Internal Server fail when trying to go sadly. Where is my Internal Server? Is that like the Virginia people are going to have. I donts want that.
    Jete woo ooh ooh ooh ooh I thought the major was a lady suffragette!

    • i’m playing my daughter in another game where i do my darndest to let her win…unfortunately, i now have ‘q’ ‘u’ and ‘z’…

      Wow, what the hell kind of a word can you make with those letters?

  3. I know better than starting to play that game, I’d be addicted instantly.

    The only game I’ve been playing on my phone lately is “Burn The City” — it’s kinda like Angry Birds but you’re a godzilla-like fire-spewing creature (but cute!) burning up cities. Super fun.

    And the Sadly, No! hamsters are currently rejecting my comments because their internal hamsters are erroring. Stupid hamsters. After being gone all weekend I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I evidently have a SN problem.

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