Using and Not Abusing Me

The lovely Bastard introduced me to a friend of his who wanted to collaborate on a project. I barely have time to do even my own little projects, so I could not oblige the Lovely Friend in the end…but he asked for permission to use a couple of my pieces for an invitation and a business card. I said “yes.” I always do. Just getting my name out there is so important, plus it’s fun to help out when I can.

The Uninvited


9 thoughts on “Using and Not Abusing Me

  1. Wonderful! Marvelous! Digital art!

    I’ll never learn it (except I can probably go much further with macro non-representational photos) BUT, I can T-totally appreciate the lack of toxins, messes, space, materials, and expenses that oil paints require NOT being an issue, AT ALL.

    LIGHT. That’s always been what it’s about, and though I still love oil paintings, the purity of an image being made of static electricity is ASTOUNDING to me and I love the depth of color on a screen— a whole lot of pigment is just a different order of light and not a month’s wages. It’s probably a phenomenal bitch for an image to disappear in a blink, but still—


  2. I don’t know how I missed this post- I’m so glad you two could collaborate on something. Hopefully, when things aren’t so crazy, you can work on a plot to take over the world!

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