Shark Cat Jesus Pig-Zombie

When I’m at home alone, doin’ chores or taking care of baby, I wear a uniform. It’s a pair of jeans or yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Well, some of my t-shirts were so skanky they had holes in them. So I finally broke down and brought some new ones, and here are a few of them:

I got all these here. They have a pretty spectacular “10 shirts for 50 dollars” deal I couldn’t pass up.


27 thoughts on “Shark Cat Jesus Pig-Zombie

    • I don’t quite get it either, & I’m young & smart. Must be crummy graphics.

      I know a place where you can get nice all-cotton black & gray T-shirts, w/ no disturbing or “clever” illustrations, about five for $15.00. You may not have heard of it, it’s called K-Mart.

      (Or as we say in SoCal, “K-Marta.”)

    • I think it’s supposed to be like a vintage sign warning of sharks…only humorous. Honestly? I just bought it because I think it’s cool-looking and I am obsessed with sharks. And dinosaurs.

      • Yeah. That’s the universal sign for swimming, in the same family as the handicapped sign you see everywhere. That’s my favorite one. The cat pooping out kitties is my least favorite.

        I told Clouds about this site. He always wears T-shirts under his button-down shirts. I got him one to wear underneath for our hearing with SS a few years ago— It said, “Anything you say will be misquoted and used against you.” It was right, and served as a talisman. It worked too, because knowing what his T-shirt said and knowing that the judge didn’t know what it said had a sort of power to it.

  1. Get some paint that sets in fabric. Get some white T-shirts. Let your kid go bananas.

    I bought a lot of red, so one came out a surgical nightmare. When someone starts looking worried and asks I get to say “Oh, my daughter painted this. Isn’t it wonderful?”

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