Birfdays and Valentines Call for Cuppycakes!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILEY! Here’s to another 51. As we do not have the technology to email food yet, I cannot send you cupcake, however I can post “The Cuppycake Song” for you. It’s so cute, I think if everyone in the world played it simultaneously, it would bring about world peace.

Happy Belated Valentine’s to you all. Here’s something sweet I yoinked from Laura.


And here’s some silliness, because silliness is my kryptonite: I can never resist its power.

Now just the Polish people!

Hope everyone had a lovely V-Day.


15 thoughts on “Birfdays and Valentines Call for Cuppycakes!

  1. How did you know? My mother, who dreamed of being Doris Day, dreamed that I would be Shirley Temple, and boy was she disappointed. She got me. Me with my straight, straight hair—hair that she would drench in Dippity-Do then roll with whatever size roller her hopes were buried in that day. Over and over again. And every time, no matter what she did, the curl would fall out in ten minutes and my hair would be straight as a board (and drenched in Dippity-Do). It was, for some reason, all very painful to her. I had a lot of fuckin’ hair too. It was no small undertaking.

    Then, when I was a teen, she wanted me to be Gigi. She tried to make me watch that movie with her, and for the first time ever, she saw me burst into tears and turn into a puddle of helpless goo. Then, she dismissed me. I was suddenly filled with a bright light of relief as I returned to my room, mercifully free of the burden of that romantic googly-eyed twaddle she thought of as aspiring to a better life. She finally gave up. I was relieved of the burden of being whatever dream-girl she wanted me to be. I never thought being working class was a bad thing. She thought it was some great shame.How could it possibly be as bad as being Shirley Temple or Gigi—who were parts actresses played in movies. No one gets to be that. Really. What a goddamned flake my mother was.

  2. I once read in an interview that Darla Hood and Shirley Temple were huge influences on Murp’s career.

    An even bigger influence was the malfunctioning hair brush, which left all those tangles.

  3. Happy Belated B-day to Wiley! Sorry that I missed the day. 😦

    Gosh, I though my mother was f’d up. Well, she was but in a much different way than your Mother’s. And VS!!! You didn’t meet your Mum till you were 18? Holy smokes!!!

    • Nope. It’s an ugly story; I’ll spare everybody.

      But, yeah, my mom doesn’t understand why I don’t want to look like a magazine cover. There’s no mystery, really–THATS NOT WHAT WOMEN REALLY LOOK LIKE. I just wanna be myself, flaws and all.

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