You Ain’t Alone

There’s an ad out now for a Valentine’s Day jewelry sale. In it, there’s a few seconds of song. It’s just a few, very few,  but my spidey sense told me it was worth searching out. So I spent quite a bit of time doing so. And I finally found out who made those “chills-up-the-back-of-your-spine” notes. It’s a group called Alabama Shakes…and they’re pretty neat. Here’s “You Ain’t Alone.”

And in that vein, another amazing song. One I’ve had in my liberry for awhile. It’s Mavis Staples with Jeff Tweedy–“You Are Not Alone.”


7 thoughts on “You Ain’t Alone

  1. Yeah, those are great! I think that The Alabama Shakes are my favourite!
    There used to be a car commercial on that had a song I loved. I tried to look for it but every time I searched, it just kept telling me it was that stupid “Zoom, Zoom” song.” NOT the one I was talking about Google. Thanks for nothing. :)”

    Do you and your husband “do” Valentine’s Day?


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