I Have a Feeling Only the Riddled Scientists Can Explain this Phenomenon

Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you the the prudey, “women’s naughty bits are disgusting and only lead to wanton sluttery” “young,” men of the Right. I’m sorry.

I would douche anything for love, but I won't douche hat.

What Jonah Goldberg would look like if he ate himself.

Getting Ahab off-course since 1969

Have you met Catholic crusader Michael Brendan Donuty? No? Good. He'll take your birth control away, then he'll try to lick you.

And, no, I do not provide free eye bleach because that would be SOCIALIST.


16 thoughts on “I Have a Feeling Only the Riddled Scientists Can Explain this Phenomenon

  1. There’s something vaguely similar to all of them. Like the wide-eyed “Jebus stare” but more subtle.

    Glad you’re back from vacation or whatever…for a few days the door was locked and I was mourning the loss of yet another place where I can lurk and drop a steaming comment when I have the need, like now.

  2. Did you ever see that episode of South Park when Bill Donohue over threw the Pope and sentences Jesus to death for going against the Catholic church?

    Willy is right. They do have that “Jebus stare”. That phony, I’m so holy look about them.


  3. Clouds has a beard kinda like their’s BUT I’m going to give him a manspa and trim it up so he looks like the Count of Monte Cristo. He couldn’t look like a douchebag if he tried, because he isn’t.

    Perhaps the scientists at Riddled CAN indeed explain this douchey-faced phenomen— you could see the douchey in these faces across a crowded bar and KNOW not to go anywhere near it. In fact, I think they completely made up the stories about ladies being hot for them and being willing to give it up for him, because LOOK AT THOSE DOUCHEY FACES! MEIN GOTT. Douchey faces.

  4. I think these guys should be encouraged more into The Man in the Iron Mask in terms of olde timey sword and such, books.
    Ah Riddled scientists are, even now, working on a grant money money application to conduct a study but we may have to leave the Front Bar soon because Smut ate all the peanuts, in every bowl!!

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