Assholes Don’t Have Souls, You Know. Neither Do Robots!

Is it just me, or do you think of this:

whenever you see this?:

What smells like butt?'s all the assholes in this picture.

Can you imagine this soulless asshole as president?


8 thoughts on “Assholes Don’t Have Souls, You Know. Neither Do Robots!

    • You have a hard time telling characters apart when they all have the same “look” (the one that polled well, is my guess) and dress the same? I thought it was my advanced age and the fact that young people keep looking to be uniformly younger to me, even the ones that looked older when I was younger, if you know what I mean.

  1. I won’t be the slightest bit surprised if Rmoney wins.

    Read this — it was on the front page of the college paper today.

    Keep in mind that’s the “youth” at that supposed bastion of progressiveness, a university. What do you think the rest of the rubes that aren’t paying attention think?

    Yeah, I’m imagining it, unfortunately.

    • Uh. Yeah. I experienced that “bastion of progressiveness” first hand for the fall/winter/spring terms of 2007/2008. They can’t shut the fuck up on the quiet floor of the library because when they get a call on their cell phone they really need to talk about who someone else was having sex with, they hate to read; they hate the boring Canadian professor who says “aboot”, synthesized an element or something (big deal, amirite?), and doesn’t suck their young little dicks just because they’re young, they despise and fear older woman and assume they’re stupid and encroaching on “their space” (a university campus), and they give each other advice for job hunting, like “Don’t ask what you would do for them, ask them what they would do for _______ _______ (fill in the blank with the name of any idiot who would actually listen to this advice).

      The thought that any of these “kids” found themselves unemployed and saddled with a load of debt makes me smile. I hope it hurts like hell. I hope they NEVER forget the feeling.

      • But how did you really feel about your OSU experience? Heh.

        These shitheels are voting for the first time and they’re probably going to vote for Rmoney. Our society is fucking doomed.

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