It Tolls for E

If there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s that 8-month-olds are pretty stupid. My son illustrates this perfectly; he can barely ring a bell. Witness…

(Please click the pictures to begin the slideshow; it embiggens everything, including the captions. Plus, Lord Chubbington’s cuteness should be enjoyed on a large scale.)


23 thoughts on “It Tolls for E

  1. How long before you HATE that bell? Maybe it won’t happen, maybe…

    Disco has lost most of its sting and can be quite pleasant to listen to or even to dance to now that most of the associations have passed of ass clowns snorting too much coke and making a huge, overly dramatic and often maudlin production of getting laid in a culture in which most of us could hardly turn a corner without getting laid.

    It was all really so desperate at the time.

      • There were bins and bins full of trash disco records at the time; the sight of stacks of Casablanca 12″ singles is etched in my brain. And those were apart from a general formula of making every sonic commodity “go disco”. And even THAT was apart from the ridiculous posing.

        I like a lot of disco songs, but it was a ubiquitous fad, impossible to ignore or get away from, and most of it represented cynicism from every conceivable angle. It’s easy to see why the reaction was so strong. Also gay people and black people might be involved, so even more freaking out if you were a particular sort of person.

        Now that North American culture is so atomized it’s hard to imagine those kinds of fads taking hold again. I think I heard my first Bieber music over Christmas.

      • The Merm went disco? Holy shit.

        Your response was so interesting to read. Honestly, I had NO idea the whole disco thing was so pervasive and… invasive, really. I can see why there was pushback.

        Still like it though.

      • Not only did Ethel go disco, but she made an appearance on the Tonight Show to promote it. Which I saw at the time while waiting for the late-night naked French movies Canada was blessed with. Ethel+Tonight Show meant DISCO WAS PENETRATING YOUR GRANDMA. Strings and flutes and treble and sustain meant it wasn’t too black to be scary. BOO!

        I mean, I am possessed of an ancient home organ – remember those? – with a disco beat setting. I can make a disco song RIGHT NOW with that thing!*

        But Thelma Houston kicked ass. The ten-minute version of “Don’t Leave Me This Way” is an epic and I have fantasized about sitting on the bass-player’s cabinets. Could have sworn the album version hit nine minutes but maybe I’m imagining utopia.

        *Not really.

      • I am SO disappointed I am not going to hear a Substance disco song now.

        My grandmother actually had one of those organs…actually with pipes and stuff. I know it had those pre-programmed keys…I LOVED to play with them. Don’t remember if there were any disco beats…

        Aren’t you glad you glad you’re living in the age of Intertrons–no waiting for late-night French nakedness. You can go and find French nakedness anytime you want!

        I have fantasized about sitting on the bass-player’s cabinets.

        OK, you’ll have to explain this…his cabinets?

        Oh, and that Sylvester song was awesome. I’d heard the other stuff–had not heard that.

  2. Awww… he’s smart. Really! He did finally figure it out. All the while looking quite styling in costume changes! 😛 He’s soooooo flippin cute.

    I can remember the look of shock on my friends faces when I confessed to liking disco. They all peer pressured me into not liking it eventually. Kids are assholes.


    • I was joking about his being stupid. I think he’s a super-smart little fellow. I just like poking fun because he’s so silly and funny and he makes me laugh so much. 🙂

      I can’t imagine being pressured by peers to like/not like something. I had a very “take me as I am or fuck off” mentality. I found that 100% of the time people took me was I was.

      • I was in the heavy metal crowd when I hung out with other teenagers, but I hung out with people of all ages and other teenagers were not my first choice. With my peers I was in the heavy metal crowd. Saw Zeppelin in the Silverdome.

        We were “cool”, which was quite the opposite of disco. “Cool” meant no drama and especially not getting bent out of shape about stuff. The ideal evening would be getting some beer (who didn’t always have weed?), going to the lake and watching the sun set with a couple of cold beers and a couple of joints between the five to eight of us.

        Then turning a corner and getting laid. Sex was tres EZ when the only STDs anyone knew of could be cured with penicillin and the religious right didn’t have boo to say about birth control. We was like lion cubs rolling around in the grass, we were. It couldn’t kill. It was innocent.

  3. For Lord Chubbington’s sake, I hope you have plans to take all this down w/in, say, ten yrs. Of course, there’ll be a whole generation embarrassed by the mere fact of their parental units having web-logs, whether or not they are the subject of them.

    Lord Chubbington seems to lead to King Tubby:

  4. Will staring frustratedly into the big end do anything? No? No.

    Why does this cup have this weird thinging in it? Stealin’ jokes from Wire.

    The Merm went disco? Holy shit.

    It gets worse- Telly Savalas went disco.

    How about this for gloriously cheesy 70’s pop culture mashup? Damn song was ubiquitous when I was a wee little sprat.

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