Finally Some Respect for Drummers

My last two downloads:



I think the next series of photos perfectly illustrates what my life is like these days:



32 thoughts on “Finally Some Respect for Drummers

  1. I haven’t even gone to bed yet and just look at you two.

    Niiiice slide show. He looks healthy, happy, and crawly all over the placey. You appear to have some really tasty pink Converses, too.

  2. Great songs. I might have to play that first one as I’m down on my hands and knees cleaning my hardwood floors today! (my least favourite job evah! – in case you’re wondering).

    Oh yes! The knocking everything over and dumping everything out stage. My oldest is almost 19 and I’m still waiting for that one to end. Come to think of it… my husband is almost 50 and he still does it. 😛

    Love! Love! Love! Those shoes. What size are they? This is a stick up! Hand em over bitch! 🙂


  3. Wow, your house is a mess. You should really clean it up.*

    *Not intended as a serious statement. We actually moved to a bigger house (partly) because we were tired of tripping over toys in the living room all day every day.

  4. hahahahahahahahaha…this will be your life for some long while…as laura pointed out, some of them never outgrow it…i can attest…i am wearing my shiny silver converse today 🙂

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