Pressies for Laura

You were the only person who took me up on my challenge! Granted, writing an entry about random fun stuff about yourself isn’t nearly as cool or clever an exercise as making sure your RSS feeds all have the exact same title–which is like ZOMG the coolest thing EVAR!–but still… Thank you! I enjoyed getting to know you a little better. And now some romantic/shabby chic/girly rooms…’cuz that’s what you like…

How lovely are these spaces?!


17 thoughts on “Pressies for Laura

  1. You’re welcome! It was fun! 🙂 I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about you as well.

    Okay… my breath is caught in my throat here because those are SO gorgeous! I feel like my imagination just threw up all over your blog. 😛

    I can totally see myself getting nailed on bed #1 (by a fantasy lover of course!)

    My husband just left for Cuba about 3 hours ago. He’ll be gone a week. Do you think I have time to spill white paint over EVERYTHING while he’s gone???

    Thank you Sweetie!! I love it ALL!!!!


  2. I’m not a clumsy person, but I have this weird “bull in a china shop” self-image… I don’t think I’d even set foot in the room depicted in photo #2 for fear of breaking shit unintentionally.

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