Get to Know Me

Inspired by bbkf’s fun, informative little diddy, I thought I’d do an entry in a similar vein. I think it would be cool if all my blogged readers could do one too. And if you’re *just* a reader, tell us about yourself in the comments. (If you don’t want to reveal too much about yourself, just keep it humorous.)

  • I’m a frustrated interior designer. I love interior design magazines. I’m not sure my appreciation for them is a particularly cerebral exercise–I mean I don’t pretend to be some design expert– I just really love looking at pretty spaces.
  • I’m a crass consumer of…things. It’s an impulse I struggle with. I do take comfort, however, in knowing that I rarely consume to consume. I genuinely enjoy (and keep–often for years) all the STUFF I have. Every time I use my iPad, I marvel at how cool and fun it is. Every time I use my Keurig coffee maker, I’m happy I’ll have a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee without having to think about it. Every time I look at my big-screen TV, I think “That picture sure is swell.” Because in my head I am a character from a 50’s sitcom. I like kitchen gadgets and nice cookware because I USE these things. I use the HELL out of them.
  • I liked the color orange when I was little because I felt like it wasn’t popular, and it needed my protection and validation. As a child I often gravitated towards things I felt were unpopular or were underdoggish in nature. That’s why I always wanted to be Sabrina when I played “Charlie’s Angels.” Because she was the least popular Angel…and I didn’t think that was fair. I have always loathed bullies and loath them to this day. Which explains my hatred for wingnuts, no?
  • I have Snowbabies. I display them during the holidays. Yes, really.
  • I’ve always bristled when contemplating things like hipster fashion or any kind of cliquey identifiers (like goth or punk or hipster-geek stuff). As soon as I open my mouth you will understand I’m not like anyone you’ve ever met before. I don’t need wear square-framed glasses or have tattoos to prove that I am neat. (The reason I am reminded of this is because when we were down in Charleston, we went to this hip little pizzeria…and I could tell our tattooed and pierced server did not like me. I could just tell, you know? And I think it was because I wasn’t displaying identifiers similar to hers. She made assumptions about who I was because I wasn’t all hipstery. And you know what happens when you assume?  You make an ass of you and me. But mostly you because I’m interesting enough on the inside that I don’t need to have a tattoo of Chinese characters that probably means “I’m a fucking idiot who has no idea what this means” for my outside.)
  • I’m fine with the vampires, but I just don’t think they should have special rights, and I don’t want them shoving their vampire agenda down my throat. And I believe in protecting traditional marriage. It’s Adam and Steve, not Adam and Nosferatu.
  • I think this is terrible idea. Can you guess why?
  • I love sitcoms. Guilty. This much-maligned genre has always brought me a lot of joy. Besides, there are some gems out there, believe this.
  • One more. Sometimes I decide something I made wasn’t that impressive…but months and months down the road, I’ll look at it with fresh eyes and decide it’s not so bad.



17 thoughts on “Get to Know Me

  1. I like looking at design magazines as well. I’m really into (and always have been) the Shabby style. Oh god, if my hubby kicked the bucket, this place would be all pink and white with lace and frills from top to bottom. As it stands, it’s already too feminine for his tastes. But you know what I always say… “Too f’n bad bub”. 🙂

    I’m a sucker for the kitchen gadgets although, I rarely end up using them. I always think I’ll use them but then I just go back to doing whatever got me through in the past and inevitably, the gadgets either get tossed in a drawer or, go to Goodwill when I do my Spring clean-up.

    I like that you would have laid down your life for the colour orange. *That*, my friend, is pretty groovy. 🙂


  2. P.S. I will try to do this tomorrow. Seems like fun!
    Today, my family is giving me a HUGE headache. Three of them are leaving for Cuba tomorrow night and, you know what else I always say.. “bout f’n time”. 🙂

  3. I’ve always liked purple.I found Sabrina (the smart Angel) to be the most attractive. And sitcoms rule: One of the truly American art forms, along w/ that music the colored folks came up w/, & musical theater (which I pretty much don’t like).

    And I seldom wear clothing that was designed/styled after I was born in the Dark Ages. Except shoes. They have come up w/ better shoes since then.I was born.

    I have no tattoos. And I am boring all w/ this.

  4. Is not “crass” if you love the things and use them. My favorite conversation about me goes like this:

    clouds: She has tools! She has a portable drill and a Drem–

    cloud’s stepbrother: Does she have a Sears card?

    clouds: Yes

    cloud’s stepbrother: Ka-ching!

    I also have a bright red Craftsman tool chest. It’s in the living room. I love really tough and useful furniture.

    That was a fun exercise.

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