A Sad State of Affairs… with Helmet-Haired Femmebots

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin. Oh, how about here: I may have to stop watching television. Because every time it’s on, I become more and more convinced this country is a maggot-covered pustule on the ass of the goatse (Google with caution–not for weak stomachs) guy. Do you find that description disgusting? Good. I’d like to you know my pain.

The day usually begins at 6 AM (OK, 5:30, but who’s keeping track?) with Morning Joe, which lately seems to be even more village idioty than usual. That fact that the panel actually has serious discussions about whether a Richie Rich Robot with Magic Metal Underwear or a Walking Ham-Fart is a better person to lead our country is further proof that the MSM is no longer interested in actually reporting news or informing viewers. Basically what most MSM news-oriented shows have become is sports commentary. This is all a game to them. The fact that an oligarch or racist may become president is of no importance to the village idiots–they’re having fun. And, hey, I get that. Sometimes the meanie in me enjoys watching the clowns emerge from the clown cars, falling down and vomiting all over themselves. I mean, car wrecks are interesting; but clown car wrecks are spectacular.

But at some point I just ache for someone to blurt out that the Republican party is made up of crazy people, sociopaths and people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I mean, Newtie’s “Foodstamper, please!*” dogwhistles aren’t really dogwhistles. They’re more like dogscreams. Which either means A.) Newt is a racist or B.) is willing to exploit racist sentiment in his quest for power. How is this not causing everyone to have a Scanners-style meltdown?

The other night I was getting my fake-ass nails done, and the new there-is-no-godawful Erin Burnett show was on. The first issue discussed was the proposal of new taxes for millionaires. Because Erin Burnett is a dumb cow who–actually, really, YES–once argued that we should accept that some of our goods from China might be poisoned because they are affordable, I knew exactly where the discussion was going to go. It was one of those discussions where Point B had already been decided on and Point A was gonna get us there even if she had to wrestle it to the ground and kick it in the head and take a dump on its chest. Silly, middle-classers, don’t you know that even if we taxed the millionaires at 100% it still wouldn’t erase the debt?…which is a cute little trick, because it assumes that everyone believes that the debt is something that has be addressed right now or the universe will implode, babies will be gay-raped and Two and a Half Men will be cancelled.  The one panelist who– gosh darnit– was “just doing the math” pointed out that the middle class was still our biggest resource  for tax revenue. Should we tax the middle class more? Our sad, befuddled panelist JUST DIDN’T KNOW.

Oh, and then there’s South Carolina debate audience…to which I would like to write a very short open letter:

Dear South Carolina Republicans,

If it weren’t for Charleston–which is admittedly awesome and not just ‘cuz I was born there–I would be happy if you seceded. You are a bunch of classless neanderthals. Your behavior at the debates made me cringe, made me ashamed of our nation. Hooting and hollering as if you were at a high school pep rally while attending a presidential nominee debate is something that just isn’t done. Not in a civilized society. I know those racist dogwhistles got you all riled up, made your ears perk up, and your fur get all vertical…but you should have contained yourself. Save your  vulgar displays of contempt for your fellow Americans for the next Secession Ball. And until then, kindly go FUCK YOURSELVES.

Much Obliged,

A Southern Belle You Don’t Want to Tangle With

*phrase from the brilliant aimai at alicublog. I tried to Google the comment and couldn’t find it.


40 thoughts on “A Sad State of Affairs… with Helmet-Haired Femmebots

  1. I would like to see liberals boycott the obscenity that is the press during election season, by cutting off cable. It’s not that hard to live without it. In fact, since clouds and I get cable with our internet service, I would gladly pay the difference just for the purpose of sending a message about the cable we don’t use. By “sending a message” I mean telling them WHY I’m boycotting them.

    I would like to see the “liberals” who don’t see a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans get fucked up the ass by Republicans for no.

    • I hope someday we get ala carte cable channel purchasing, or something like it. I’d happily buy a few channels (BBC, Sci, Comedy Central, etc.) and even more happily not be paying for umpteen religious stations, shopping channels, Fox, Bloomberg, ABC, NBC, etc. Fuck ’em.

      I’m hopeful that the trends toward online viewing will push them to finally allow that or something similar using internet enabled tvs even. I’m sure they could do it now, they just know there will be lots of shit channels that nobody wants that will die off. Good. Free market, and all…

      And it’s good to see you back Wiley.

      • Thanks, beer snob. It’s good to be back. While in lock-down I saw BBC news and WOW! I suppose it’s available via the web. I’ll ask clouds to check it out when he gets home. We’ve watched a new episode of Dexter via the web and it was delicious on our new flat-screen. Right now, he’s working on converting the MMC to Linux. In the process, it wiped out the work he did on making “the dream of a common language” — a page on my website that he made to allow all kinds of commenting via all kinds of media. It’s invitation only and all you guys are invited and can invite friends…

        …when it’s done again. We both have much to learn about tweeting and using our phones for to keep up with our website.

  2. eck…as hubbkf was surfing channels the other night he stopped on erin burnett because he heard they were going to show footage of the somali pirate hostage rescue…of course we had to sit through a too long segment on just doing the math! tax b.s. before we got there…of course the pirate thingy was NOT at all what we gathered from the tease, and even though i had already made a vow to never, never, fucking ever, watch erin burnett, i re-vowed it quite loudly and then was glad that for the most part my television viewing is limited to the weather channel, bbca, comedy central and lifetime (for the obvious reason that it is so badly unbearable television and i’m a bit of a masochist apparently)…

  3. I hope someday we get ala carte cable channel purchasing, or something like it.

    do you think there will really be a glorious day when this happens? i have fervently wished and wished for this!

    also, i was just going to ask if wiley was around…and there she is! yay!

    • do you think there will really be a glorious day when this happens.

      I didn’t used to, but yeah, there’s hope. If people weren’t ditching cable and watching online at alarming (to them) rates, no, I don’t think they’d ever change. They’ll have to do something eventually though. this what, 30? 40? year old business model needs to change. There’s no technological reason we can’t have it right this second, they just know it’ll dramatically change how they do business.

      Hell, we should be able to buy channels on-demand just like we can with movies already. Buy a day’s worth or week’s worth of Fox or ABC for the olympics coverage for example. If I ran a cable company I’d be pushing to be the first one to do that right about now just to get a jump on the competition. The best new TVs all have wireless internet built in, they’re going to have to do something to not lose all their business to youtube, hulu, netflix, blockbuster, etc…

  4. Well, exactly bbkf and OBS, I want to watch want I want and am willing to pay for that and only that. I don’t watch Pig snot modelling from Arkansas at 2am so I don’t want to have to pay for it,
    Watch with the sound off and make ups stuff that they say, VS. It works for me

    • I’d just make them say stuff like “I’m a big dumb doo-doo head. DERP-DERP! POOPY!” So, yes, I will start doing that.

      I don’t watch Pig snot modelling from Arkansas

      AK is banned. That is my favorite show.

      Fun fact: Pig Snot Modelling from Arkansas? Filmed in Paris.

      • Anybody remember when the “tlc” channel was “The Learning Channel” and had like edumacational shows and stuff? Yeah, me neither. Although I s’pose we could be charitable and say that show demonstrates quite clearly what people should not be like.

        And this is a real thing. Really “Discovery”? Really?

        W. T. F.

      • Did you know that on the last-straw-thread for me at Lawyers, Guns and Money, Amanda Marcot (sp?) dropped in to say that pharmacists should be able to tell a teen-aged girl who wants the morning-after pill from a twelve year old girl asking for the same in order to give it to a teen-aged girl? This ostensibly to make the pill easier for women to get.

        What else can we do to encourage pedophilia, sisters; because a twelve year old girl who started her period is still every inch a child no matter how old she looks in make-up?!

        Jesus Mephisto Christ*

        *not to be confused with the Prince of Peace.

  5. The fact that an oligarch or racist may become president is of no importance to the village idiots–they’re having fun

    They’re also making beaucoup bux!

    The one panelist who– gosh darnit– was “just doing the math” pointed out that the middle class was still our biggest resource for tax revenue. Should we tax the middle class more? Our sad, befuddled panelist JUST DIDN’T KNOW.

    They’re not even trying to hide the fact that they really want feudalism anymore.

    Oh, and that “secession ball” thing makes me want to smash a redneck’s nose- could you imagine how butthurt these assholes would be if some northern state celebrated the 150th anniversary of Sherman’s March to the Sea?

  6. VS aimai’ comment can be found on the first page of comments to this

    I can’t imagine watching a minute of Morning “A dead Staffer was found in my congressional office. That smug asses bastard would have me throwing a chair through the tv in very short order.

    I presume you still have your artwork blog?

    • Yeah, sometimes I have to take a hiatus from the show because I’m afraid of what it might do to my blood pressure.

      A MILLION thanks for the link to the post. Imma go properly credit aimai now. I’m sorry, but that turn of phrase just cracked me the hell up.

      All my art-related stuff is here. 😀

    • I simply am incapable of reading that right now. Alicublog looks like a good place to land now and then. Right now I’m too thoroughly disgusted with men who claim to be liberal and well-educated, but clearly are not to even be bothered with the right-wing shit.

      So, I’m declaring war— a man or woman who will not defend a woman having her character assassinated on a blog because she dared to reveal herself to be female and had the gall to comment on women’s issues cannot be on my side.

      Misogyny is rampant on “liberal” websites and is so hateful and vicious that it cannot be dismissed as a few trolls or a few bad apples. I’m wondering what to carry with me when walking a few blocks at night, and I’m not paranoid or afraid to finish a fight someone else started.

      Though they claim to be so not racist, I am rather convinced that they don’t want a nigger in the White House to be admired by “their” women and “their” women should just shut the fuck up, especially on issues that belong to women. They also want that nigger to wipe their asses for them.

      White male privilege is having a hey-day and I am convinced it’s time for a fourth wave.

      • Alicublog is amazing. God, I enjoy reading the comments there. But the site is butt-ugly and the commenting system sucks balls. It’s not attractive to look at or easy to read. But do visit, wiley. You’ll love it.

  7. , Amanda Marcot (sp?) dropped in to say that pharmacists should be able to tell a teen-aged girl who wants the morning-after pill from a twelve year old girl asking for the same in order to give it to a teen-aged girl?

    Marcotte. And, I’m sorry, I didn’t follow your sentence.

    • In a post about barriers to getting the morning after pill the opener was that the Republicans were using young girls getting the pill over the counter as an excuse to block it. So, it was argued that there were only x number of young girls getting pregnant and the whole issue of young girls being pregnant was dismissed. Suddenly, in the thread, young girls being pregnant would be better off having access to the morning-after pill as were teenagers. Amanda piped in to say that teenagers should have unquestioned access to the pill and that pharmacists should be able to tell a teenager from a young girl in order to dispense the pill to teenagers but not girls. Also, it was concluded by some that a woman who didn’t use the morning after pill within 72 hours of possibly getting pregnant was probably irresponsible enough to wait until late in the pregnancy to decide what to do about it.

      I was also too gobsmackingly ignorant of science to understand that the central issue to pregnancy is the status of the cells, and I had the unmitigated gall to say that framing pregnancy from the point of view of the potential blastocyst was no different from what the Republicans were doing.

      • I guess I’m kinda with Amanda on this one. I’m just very scared of the idea of young women/girls who have been sexually abused not having access to birth control.

        And I meant to respond to your other post re: “liberal” misogyny. It’s a kick in the gut, isn’t it? It’s one of the reasons I left Daily Kos. Every thread by outspoken feminists was inevitably trolled by “liberal” men. It was…disheartening to say the least. An eye-opener. I comfort myself by reminding myself that the world I live in–where I love the men in my life and am treated with love and respect and talk to men and laugh with men–is the REAL world…and the world these men inhabit is a made-up one.

      • I’m more scared of young girls being raped repeatedly and being given the morning after pill to get rid of the evidence. Think if you had a daughter who was twelve years old. How could you be responsible for her and protect her when she is being taken to a pharmacy to get a pill to make her not pregnant? There is a chance that it is criminal that the girl is pregnant. Think runaways being forced into prostitution and girls being raped by their fathers/step-fathers. I’d much rather see social services called in than to see men being relieved of liability for the girls they rape/get pregnant.

        Teenaged sexuality is a separate issue that I think is better addressed as such. They aren’t adults. And they aren’t children, but where to draw the line? Legally, I believe it is a mistake to set a precedent in which the state overlooks pregnancy in minors for the sake of convenience.

        And abortions are available for a few months after conception, too and I see no problem with getting one later rather than sooner.

      • If that kinda thing’s gonna happen, the grown-up is gonna be giving her the pill anyway, and the grown-up has no purchase restrictions. If there’s a 12-year-old who’s in that kind of hell I’d rather see her with some kind of agency than without it. And it’s going to be rare, whereas the 17-year-old who needs that pill is much more common.

  8. I hope someday we get ala carte cable channel purchasing, or something like it.

    I think all channels should be made availlable by the cable or satellite companies at no charge to the viewer. The networks make their money from the advertisers. The advertisers base the amount they are willing to spend on how many viewers there are. I think it should be the networks responsibility to pay to get the viewers, rather than the viewers paying to get the networks.

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