Chicken Stock Fort

The other story I wrote about Lord Chubbington went over really well with my family, which is incontrovertible proof that I am a terrific writer. In that spirit, I bring you another exciting tale from The Chubbington Chronicles.

When will my package come, Mommy?

While we're waiting, Mommy, it occurs to me that it was odd of me to want six cartons of chicken stock. That seems more like something you might order, Mommy. Seriously, what am I going to do with six cartons of chicken stock?

I know! I'll make a fort with them--a chicken stock fort!

If I may be serious here for a moment, I would just like to say that a hamster might fit very well into a chicken stock fort. I'm just spit-balling here... Food for thought... No pressure.

Perhaps if I move to the foyer, that will light a fire under that UPS guy.

While I'm waiting, I think I'll just do some gymnastics, stretching. Wow, that's good form.

He's here, Mommy, he's here! For the purposes of this story ignore the package sitting right behind me! He's here!


Gosh, this box is terribly exciting and entertaining all on its own. My chicken stock fort can wait!



16 thoughts on “Chicken Stock Fort

  1. My favourite thing about Lord Chubbington is that he rarely wears pants. Not a lot of people can carry off a onesie with such flare!

    He’s soooooooo cute!!


  2. Penultimate photo reminds me to ask if His Lordship has yet developed a fascination with stairs? (He’s a cute little nubbin.)

    I am fascinated by how neat and clean other people’s domiciles are. Yours looks like a set for Good Housekeeping. I am incapable of that level of cleanliness.

    • Thank you…re: nubbin. 😀

      You want a clean house? Sorry, wrong blog. The reason those rooms are clean is because they are unused. Our main living areas usually look semi-crummy. Or is that semi-crumby?

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