Clownicide: A Story in Words and Pictures (Mostly Pictures…In Other Words, Even Jonah Goldberg Could Understand It)

Oh, hai, Mommy. Listen, I've been thinking...

This is what I look like when I think, Mommy.

I think I shall go on a hunt today!

I begin my hunt by crawling under the table. I am very intent. On what, I do not know yet.

I will face many dangers. Like cat tails. And inexplicable outfit changes.

Quiet, Mommy. I have locked on my prey.

OMG, that clown is awfully short and oddly immobile! Watch me go in for the kill!

It's a drool on or be drooled on world. Beautiful in its own way.

The carnage, oh, the carnage.

Victory is sweet! I celebrate with another inexplicable outfit change! All the small, immobile clowns of the world shall know my name!

I won't lie: beautiful people do have it easier.

Speaking of stories, the editor of Somerset Digital Studio has given me a sneak peek at my article. Check it out. And, this may sound odd, but don’t really read it, because I am rusty at writing. My dad is an editor and English major, so I actually used to be a rather good writer…but I am not now, as evidenced by this sentence and all sentences that came before it or will come after. (<——ending with a preposition=NOT GOOD)(<——-NO PERIOD.) He will be editing this article too before it’s printed. Just take a quick gander at the layout though, if you’re interested.


28 thoughts on “Clownicide: A Story in Words and Pictures (Mostly Pictures…In Other Words, Even Jonah Goldberg Could Understand It)

  1. Awwww. I LOVE that fat baby!!!

    My Dad used to belong to some “club” and everytime there was a parade, he would dress up as a clown.

    Oh my gawd that was SO embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!


    • HA. I love that you called him fat. He is a little chubber, huh? I love chubby babies. I had a woman come up to me and squeeze his leg and say “I love it when they’re juicy.” LOL!

    • Thank you! I sent it out to a bunch of people this morning and now everybody’s telling me to get into writing. Everybody knows that writing a few photo captions makes you qualified to be a writer.

  2. Yes, he’s a little fatty ain’t he? I’d love to squeeze a fat little baby’s leg in public but imagine I’d be rushed away into a cell.

    Your article looks fantastic!!! I especially like the last picture with the japanese-y aesthetic.

  3. Lord C aka Dudeskull is totes charming and major cute! Loved the wit in your captions., VS. Turns a photo sequence into High Drama.

  4. So, responding to your latest post (your closed comments will not stop me…) – all I have to say is that if you put yourself out there, at some point someone will hate you. What that means: you’re getting through.

    Don’t let a misinterpretation or misreading or even just a plain disagreement stop you. Rub some dirt on it, grow a thicker hide and get back in the game.

  5. Why did you let that hideous clown into your house in the first place, and why did you send the child to dispatch it rather than killing it yourself!?! Is this some sort of cruel initiation ritual or something?

  6. “On my naming day when I come 12 I gone front spear and kilt a wyld clown he parbly ben the las wyld clown on the Bundel Downs any how there hadnt ben none for a long time befor him nor I aint looking to see none agen. He dint make the groun shake nor nothing like that when he come on to my spear he weren’t all that big plus he lookit poorily.”

    With liver crippling amounts of apology to Russell Hoban

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