New Book

Tragedies First World White People Face

The First Worldiest Room in the World

Chapter One: Some Middle Class No-Life-Having Jagoff Desperately Wants an Invitation to a Site that is Probably Only Frequented by People in Her Same Socio-Economic Strata

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but mostly the worst because I found a site I desperately want to belong to, but membership is invitation-only. I weep bitter tears for every moment I am not wasting my time “pinning” things like pictures of ornate cakes, still more ornate shoes, and laundry rooms that have probably never been used.

But, seriously, I will knock my own grandmother down a flight of stairs to get an invitation. If I don’t get one soon, I may knock your grandmother down a flight of stairs.

The End


11 thoughts on “New Book

      • No problem! You reminded me that I need to waste more time over there pinning stuff and re-organizing my boards.

        I am also obsessed with Svpply, but it’s definitely more product-oriented–in other words, not a lot of pictures of laundry rooms.

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