No Good Can Come of This



A Steelers fan…and at such a young age.


16 thoughts on “No Good Can Come of This

  1. I was a Steelers fan when I was about 8. I still have the football cards I collected back then.

    I got over it. Actually I pretty much got over football entirely.

    He’ll be fine.

    But you better get him started on red wine before he’s 3, that white wine shit is dangerous

  2. Important Note: red wine gives some people insanely painful migraine headaches. These people enjoy red wine but would prefer not to have a blinding headache for 18 hours. One of these people is me. So, um, yeah…white wine sucks and all that… I get it.

  3. I’m guessing that after the Steelers’ performance this past weekend Dudeskull is not the only fan that’s hitting the bottle.

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