This Must Have Happened Somewhere Between 5 and 10 Years Ago

How do I know this? Because I’m just learning of it now. As with every other viral video or internet meme, I’m sure I am very late to getting to this. But I couldn’t help but blog about it.

Riley’s just so damn cute and so damn right.

This is 4-year-old Riley expressing dismay about the creepy fucking WALL OF PEPTO-BISMOL PINK behind her.

When did every girl’s toy become this eye-raping shade of pink? Was it this bad when I was a girl? I don’t remember.

You can read more about the discussion of the way toys are marketed to children here and here.


42 thoughts on “This Must Have Happened Somewhere Between 5 and 10 Years Ago

  1. Was it this bad when I was a girl?


    I was thinking about the toys I had, and while most of them were feminine, they weren’t all gross and pink. Hell, even Rainbow Brite, which was girly as shit, was, you know, rainbow-y. I’m not sure when this trend started, but I think it can be partly pinned on the fact that second-wave feminism started to go out of style in the 90s. I also think that marketers became savvier–why not exploit children’s natural tendencies to divide themselves according to gender and sell more toys simply because they’re pink.

    There’s also a difference in clothes that I wore as a child vs the clothes I see little girls wearing today–aside from the fact that styles change, of course. I definitely think girls’ clothes are girlier, and that there’s a greater pink/blue divide in what babies and young children wear. Then again, I was a small child in the Midwest in the 80s, so *everybody* wore brown.

    • Full disclosure: I LOVE the color pink. But I also love the color green. Where the hell are all the green toys?

      When I was young, I was obsessed with the color orange. So I don’t know where this whole pink obsession came from. I’ve no doubt that many little girls love the color pink, and I think that’s great being a pink lover myself. But I’m guessing there are also tons of girls out there who love blue and purple and orange and whatever, too.


      • I watched this on my flat screen before I finally managed to sleep for two hours in a row and boy wasn’t that a gift?

        As much as a monster as multiple sclerosis is, it’s not nearly as frightening to me as the way “liberal” and “progressive men” feel so so exceedingly comfortable saying things to me worse than anything anyone ever in my life said to me in fifteen words so loaded with code from 3,000 years of white, western, male domination of everyone but themselves.

        It is frightening. And right now, it frightens me that this is happening on what is the internet? What is the PC? what is the internet?

        A series of algorithms for everything men ever had to pay women to do for them while the ruling class says that the poor, the huddling masses, and the voices of women and children—the bit of rabble that thinks that it’s needs might also be important and



        I am trying to open a post called, genesis qua vaccuumslayer, and the two things that are overwhelming me so lately is the video with all those “show mares”. I know YOU know what i’m talking about vc.

        You started this! You’re as much of a witch as I am, and YOU started this so I guess if a group of “free-thinking” men want to tie YOU to the stake, shove a burning branch up your cunt cut off your breasts and carve “nigger” in your breasts verbally, then you just aren’t sciencey and open-minded like I’m not either.

  2. With all the atomized options we have with the tics of attention hyperactive deficit disorder designing systems in a cutthroat economy to bring us democracy in the language some powerful icons of men think we need to use,

    well. It’s our problem that it is so hard for me AND CLOUDTECH to just do what we combined have every capability to do but, in doing so, are required to deal with so much esoteric bad design, that because microsoft would not let clouds use my peripheral drive, it responded to my attempt to move my information from it’s clutches by making it very, very difficult for cloudtech to find a way to keep all my pictures and move them and find a way to break the code so that he could keep them safe.

    Losing all my pictures? Again? No posterity? Wiley and clouds did every thing right together to safeguard all the pictures I’ve taken in the last 12 years and cloudtech has to spend a week doing research and pouring through code just to save MY HISTORY.

    Fuck you to wordpress. All of the flagships of liberals and progress and science and using such violent verbal abuse the all the years I spent living and working in male dominated environments I had a conversation like this

    sitting down on the scope— me and danny boy. we’ve got bright eyes and big smiles because we’re the redundant enlisted folks on the schedule today and we can have four or five hours of brilliant conversation —

    once he was calling something “stupid” and I said, “Huh”. and danny didn’t know what to say.

    He felt like I did when I couldn’t read the words and wouldn’t read the words that they used to talk to you that way vs. I’m crying for you now, but I can’t read. None of need to drink this poison, and I have a way that together all of my sadlynaught cyberbuddies, cloudtech me and anyone we care to invite over can have a safe space to talk about Ourselbes

  3. I propose to collectively get a free blog that we collectively decide we can collectively manage — a cooperative to form a safe place where we will only deal with those words through a process of collective action on the web that can have so many much better ways to talk to one another that I want to ask that we please call this space

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    What does she have to say about anything that is as valuable as the undigested words that these men spit at us from their asses and call “scientific” really? I tried to study one post scientifically on with several attempts just to find the post that led to me being told that I am so gobsmackingly scientifically illiterate that everything I’ve been saying about my three pregnancies, the birth control that faili[opo ikpol why am i still defending myself —in my head? Defending myself from is essentially verbals shit piles used to destroy me and women to destroy women

    It hurts us all so bad. And what can the men we love do about it, when with this great gift brought to us by a man who went to a high school with tuition higher than harvard’s. What a special man is he. wow. Trying to leave it is exactly like trying to leave that sociopath who destroyed my history by destroying the only voices I had intact from all the artists’ circles I was a major player in a “goddess” they said

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    I became at that time— my demographic— that which is composes 86% of the homeless population and I had been convinced that I was not eligible for help from the veteran’s administration and never would be and I was— for the first time every—so broken that I could

    clouds is here with my dinner, and he’s helping me eat. I’ll be back after I finish reading this to him and getting some help sticking enough food in me to kill the pain of this hunger.


    • Wiley, what is this video about “show mares”?

      I think you are how people should be: mind connected to heart, to experience, to the best sources of knowledge, to loved ones; all deeply informing and shaping each other. Perhaps this is why assaults here on-line hurt you so… don’t take it so to heart, if you can manage that.

      Many others are not profoundly ‘linked-up” like you are, so they spit words out of their over-weaned intellects like it was nothing to no-one. They’re cowards who have no experience of a positive and productive collective spirit and the mutual respect and ingenuity that are part and parcel of that. They’re alienated, irate and loveless and for their scare tactics they should be patronized and pitied. If I were you, I would assume that the critical assholes out there just don’t “get” you… and maybe never will.

      Rock On Wiley!

      • I was under the impression that Wiley had been attacked for commenting somewhere she is not wanted and that her humble words had provoked a really ugly insult.

      • “‘Every SOMETHING begins with Kay.’ The slogan’s fine, but we need the right word.”


        “No…won’t sell diamonds.”


        “We’re trying to sell diamonds, not cubic zirconia.”


        “Cheesy as hell, but it’ll have to do.”

    • Thank you for that link. It was a really interesting read. I was kind of disheartened when I started reading the article, but felt better at the end.

      I’ve always liked the color pink because I just plain think it’s pretty. I also think it looks great on most people, no matter their gender or skin color. I have toyed with the idea of dying my hair pink now that’s sort of red and and I can’t get it back blonde without doing some pretty intense things to my hair.

  4. Rachel, I think wiley might be talking about this video.

    My cousin’s wife is one of those scientists… awesome!

  5. My youngest lamblet has always preferred superheroes and action figures to PINK GIRL TOYS! In the neighborhood, she’s known as the tomboy. The little boy who lives down the street, who prefers Barbies, etc, doesn’t have it so easy… No, he gets signed up for football she he can learn to be more aggressive… and although he and my daughter got along well, and found some mutual ground, he was not allowed to play with her anymore because she was a girl… Lots of BS out there.

  6. When I dabble in art, my favorite color pallette is pink and blue together. In the right shades I think they work quite well together. With major league sports teams wearing pink for breast cancer awareness nowadays, perhaps some inroads might be made for pink in this male world. My hometown Everblades don’t look bad in pink. Some teams even play on pink ice but I’m not so sure that is a good thing.

  7. Furry bunny ears. None of this naked ear crap.

    Y’know, over the years my ears have become more and more furry and yet NO ONE IS CHARMED.

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