A Review of Apple TV + Other Stuff…You’ll Never Guess…OK, I’ll Give You a Hint: It’s Another Picture of My Baby

I thought about doing a review of Apple TV that simply said

It’s fucking awesome.

but I decided that would be kind of a cheesy jip.

Here’s something a little more substantive.

Apple TV’s pretty great. For 99 bucks( + 20 or so for the HDMI cable) you can make killing brain cells and losing the ability to carry on a conversation seem new and exciting again.

As per usual, the set-up is typically Apple-ian. It’s quick and no-muss. You hook the little Apple TV device up to a power source near your TV, then use an HDMI cable to connect it to your TV. That’s it. After using your regular television remote to punch in the proper Input setting (which will probably be HDMI 2 or HDMI 3 on your set) you’re good to go.

Using your Apple remote, you’ll do things like punch in your WiFi settings and turn on Home Sharing, which allows you to play your iTunes library through your TV.

All told, it probably took me 20-30 minutes to get everything set up, and that’s because I’m used to having access to a keyboard when setting up accounts. When you use the Apple Remote, you’re scrolling letter to letter, which takes some time.

And that brings me to perhaps my only complaint about Apple TV. The Apple remote is the same remote you get with Macs and I–I imagine–most Apple products. It’s little and sleek and minimalist (has only 3 buttons, really). Which is nice to look at, but doesn’t always make getting from menu to menu very efficient. Let’s put it this way, you’ll be pushing the “Menu” button a lot. It’s a small quibble but definitely a quibble worth mentioning.

This is boring. Let’s get to the fun stuff. Apple TV allows you to do all sorts of neat things like

  • watch YouTube videos  on your TV
  • Stream a huge portion of the Netflix library (Seriously, you get access to shitloads of movies and TV shows. Pretty much the only thing you can’t get are, like, the movies that came out the day before.)
  • look at flickr photostreams
  • play your iTunes library though your TV

It’s a trip  to have all that media at your fingertips.

And, really, who would not want to see my son making monster noises on a 42-inch flatscreen?

Apple TV’s also let me check out a couple of shows I’d been meaning to watch for, like, ages and because life got in the way never did. See? Apple TV is so good it pwns LIFE!

Do check out “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret” and “Portlandia.” I’m loving what I’m seeing so far.

What? I have an obsession with David Cross of creepy stalkerian proportions? Forget that. That does not make me biased.

Finally, there’s this:

I rip up mommy's Rachel Ray magazines; Rach's "America's Sweetheart" persona & perkiness do not sit well with me.


20 thoughts on “A Review of Apple TV + Other Stuff…You’ll Never Guess…OK, I’ll Give You a Hint: It’s Another Picture of My Baby

  1. I rip up mommy’s Rachel Ray magazines; Rach’s “America’s Sweetheart” persona & perkiness do not sit well with me.

    I think it’s her insistence on saying EVOO, and then having to say “extra virgin olive oil” as an explanation, thereby making the shorthand useless.

  2. I don’t like Rachel Ray too much so I approve of your bambino ripping her to shreds.
    Then there’s that whole thing with her creepy husband that likes to be spit on! Yikes! They’re a couple of freaks… 😛

    Your baby is making me want another baby of my own. 😦


  3. The little one is coming along nicely, vs.

    Todd Margaret is all kinds of awesome. I love his neighbor. Series 2 (I feel so very british saying that) starts tomorrow!

    young g over here gots himself a girlee at the mall the other day..
    (sorry, cannot resist promoting my babbe)

  4. haha…babby e looks like he is pooping on rachel ray! i cannot stand her on teevee, but i do like her mag…i’ve always found at least one honest to goodness good recipe in everyone i’ve looked at…

    todd margaret was my favorite show last year and i’m pretty sure i’m the only one in this area of the state who watched it…everyone i’ve brought it up to just looked at me like, ‘wtf are you talking about?’ i’m watching ‘arrested development’ right now and getting totally amped up for the new series…

    • Ah…America just wasn’t ready for AD. Man, what an amazing show.

      Rachel doesn’t bother me, but I find her recipes pretty hit and miss. Sometimes her stuff requires a bit of work for only so-so results. One of hers that knocked my socks off, however, was this.

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