My Gauntlet: Let Me Throw You It

Lord Chubbington is now crawling and life seems too hectic to blog much lately. But I am trying.

So tired of the mamarazzi

Yesterday, the sky was eerily darkish and blue-grey. There is construction going on in our backyard. But from my height I could only see the trees. They looked beautiful. I took a picture and dicked around with it for a bit.

No, you're not at Thunder's blog.

WordPress seems to keep much more detailed records of my search terms. My god, this blog attracts some weirdos. And not just the good kind.

I propose a contest. I know we all check our search terms from time to time. You all tell me your weirdest and I’ll hold a poll to see who has the freakiest search term of them all.

Here are mine so far. If you have children, please tell them to avert their eyes now. According to my search terms, this is not a fambly blog.

Thanks, Sirius, for my latest obsession.

super karate monkey death car 8
bob’s burgers louise 3
cats with glasses 2
christmas crosses 2
bob´s burgers louise 2
hello kitty dildos 2
child dominatrix 2
tiger ocean 2
superkaratemonkeydeathcar 2
holiday dildos 2
making babies you’re doing it wrong 1
“gary larson” cockroaches 1
babel fish 1
vacuumslayer 1
gary larson new years 1
fun writing english 1
vacuumslayer art 1
scary demon meme 1
larson when dogs go to work 1
karate by the ocean 1
kinky woman picture 1
eroticpost 1
you guys aren’t drunk… you’re just stupid 1
karate monkey clown car 1
stocks models 1
news radio title 1
bitch wrapping paper 1
louise bob’s burgers 1
ozone monkey erotica pictures 1
i’ve seen enough hentai 1
truth slayers and northbound on i-5 near chehalis, wa 1
charlie monkey fucks 1
fat dudes butt cracks 1
cute guy masturbate dildo ? 1
ignore you to death 1
cat holding gun 1
thai foods list 1
tomato bocconcini pasta recipe 1
lamb chop karate 1
ann mei 1
oil and vinegar white cruet 1
tiger draws 1
poop dildo 1
michelle pfeiffer still married 1
i’ve got a monkey, and that is you …!!! 1
-parliament -labour “recess monkey “ 1

Can you top that?


27 thoughts on “My Gauntlet: Let Me Throw You It

  1. Wicked good shot of the trees! It looks like an enchanted wood.

    Nice babbie video. Was looking at the others, the one with the daddy reminded me of how far we’ve come. When I was a little kid, men, in public, holding a baby, would look they were holding their wives’ purse or something. They did not want anyone seeing them do something as unmanly as holding a baby, much less cuddling his own child.

    I love it when I see men in public, on buses, in the mall, wherever, hugging and kissing their babbie. Looking into their eyes and cooing at their babbies. It’s so sweet. As I child, I never dreamed it.

    • Ya know, you’re right. Seeing men interacting with children in an unabashed, nurturing, loving way is becoming increasingly more common…and it’s beautiful. (Natural, I’d say, too.)

      Hubby and I were both lucky in that we were both raised by affectionate, loving, nurturing, hands-on dads. So we don’t know anything else but that. Did I mention we were lucky?

      If it hadn’t been for my abusive stepmother and my clinical depression, I woulda had a neat childhood.

    • I’ve been all of those while on hold with one of those businesses that is either really busy (which, considering the quality of their product and service should be the first suspicion) or just doesn’t want to pay enough people to answer the phones, whiiiiiich leads back to the first choice. And I get really funny and emotional and inappropriate about stuff like that, but I keep it at home so nobody makes the call that gets me carted away at taxpayer expense.

      How do people who work 9 to 5 and all the weekdays deal with this world?

      Just wait until you hit menopause. Then the depth and breadth of you will be fully revealed.

      • Then the depth and breadth of you will be fully revealed.

        My sense of self-preservation prevents me from remarking on menopausal women and breadth.

  2. You win.

    I don’t get much traffic, and the searches are not nearly as intriguing as yours. Here are my two most interesting search terms:

    rick perry syrup
    the title actually works

    The first is because of this post and the second is ’cause of this one.

    Not nearly as interesting as “poop dildo” and “fat dudes butt cracks” that’s for damn sure.

  3. “cute guy masturbate dildo ?”

    The most disturbing part of that search term is the fact they added a question mark at the end.

    Were they not sure if the guy was cute? Or if it was a dildo?

    Just … yeah.

    It could, however, be a line we read in the next Cerberus post at S,N!

  4. This week’s winners over the Big R are:
    darwins bark spider
    hollywood stars fail
    crucified women
    darwin’s bark spider
    lisztomania wagner
    o fortuna
    sex with animals does not always involve

    I would have thought the marketplace for crucified women would have been kind of limited and not really need a google search but what do I know?

  5. Here I am, trying to get work done on my sirius scholarly paper about medievel customs, I google “Gauntlet Throwing” and it brings me here.

  6. All time:
    tina louise
    dinah manoff
    tracey needham
    maggie gyllenhaal
    jayne mansfield death
    lisa loring
    callista gingrich
    mary katharine ham
    jayne mansfield death photos
    sophia loren topless
    This Wk.:
    sam cooke model
    jayne mansfield death
    jayne mansfield accident
    callista gingrich
    jayne mansfield crash
    john anderson actor
    greece riots
    raiders fans
    callista gingrich hair
    jayne mansfield car crash

    Get hep: All Americans want is dead naked celebrities.

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