I’ve Been Gone for Over a Week: Did You Forget How Incredibly Attractive I Am?


The day before we left Lord Chubbington decided that changing time is the perfect time to try out the new tumbling routines he’s apparently learned in some secret acrobatics class.

My buttocks will not be contained!

On the road
My mother likes Christmas.
She really likes Christmas.
No, she really likes Christmas.
Did I mention my mother likes Christmas?

No Xmas-themed entry would be complete without enjoying some holiday-themed fashion. Look upon the fashion world’s cutest new up-and-coming model.

It’s no Ralphie bunny pajama set, but it’s pretty damn cute.

Finally, I self-aggrandizingly snap pictures of my own art:

I wonder who made that. I bet she’s incredibly attractive.

More pics and a review of “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” forthcoming. I, of course, can’t have 20 minutes to myself this morning.


16 thoughts on “I’ve Been Gone for Over a Week: Did You Forget How Incredibly Attractive I Am?

  1. I would NEVAR FORGET! how attractive you are. Your babby is also quite handsome, at both ends!

    In the sweater picture, he seems to be saying, “Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?” but I imagine it comes out more like “P00P-on”.

  2. Oh oh!
    Laura LOVES baby bums!!
    Thanks, now I”ve got to go find one of my own kids and squeeze their bums really hard. 🙂

    Love your Mum’s place. It’s fun to have a Mother that’s into Christmas. Not that I would personally know anything about that. My Mum just bitched about it ALL THE TIME.

    You AND your art are both, incredibly attractive. Thank goodness you didn’t take a picture of you beside your art. It would have been almost too much to bear!


    • That’s very sweet of you to say, Laura, but as a somewhat new reader I feel I should warn you that when I say stuff like that, I am JOKING. I mean, I think I’m an ok-looking gal, but I don’t go around thinking I’m THE SHIZ, ‘cuz that would be icky.

  3. My mom bitched about it constantly too, then converted to Judaism and got a new lease on it all – Hanukkah dinner was excellent! Habakkuk wasn’t there unfortunately. But you’ve brought us another sumptuously broad-based TREE, and thank Christ the lady’s on the outside! (Beautiful image!)

  4. My buttocks will not be contained!

    Needs some musical accompaniment, courtesy of the House of Substance.

    Finally, I self-aggrandizingly snap pictures of my own art:

    Hey, I sent you an e-mail about a possible commission… friend of mine fell in love with your portfolio.

    • I saw that and I’ve been waiting for a chance to get unfettered access to my email to answer you. I will absolutely get in touch with your friend–I never turn down a chance to do my art!

      And I’m always up for any musical partnering with Substance. 🙂

  5. VS, I’m surprised to see a last name included above – I guess your “Name (required)” below made me think you were wanting the full shibang to check up on the true identities of your commenters,.. so I threw in any old thing, but I’d rather just go by Rachel if you don’t mind…

  6. Christmas ain’t teh only thing your mom really likes.

    PS – Get that boy some pants. Later in life, when he’s raising his own fambly, someone is going to ask him “who wears teh pants in his fambly” – AND HE WON’T EVEN KNOW!

  7. yer back! yer back! and my dawg you’re attractive! Your digital artwork is splendid! and your tender, delicious babbie haz nice hocks. uh— i mean “socks”. isn’t there a picture of you babbie in socks, there? don’t know what I was thinking.

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