Internet Hoarding and Yoinking (A Very Not-Erotic Post)

I guess I’m pulling a wiley here, by compiling this small list o’ weirdness. I just wanted to document and riff on this stuff before I went down some family or art-related rabbit hole and forgot about it.

First is this album cover somebody linked to on S,N. :O


I did not know Gary Larson got his start designing album covers. Apparently these women want Jesus to use them to destroy the ozone.

I yoinked this next bit o’ insanity from Rachel, here.

This woman is very concerned about dark-sided things.  Presumably, she has never played Dominos.

My steak dinner last night turned out mostly great. But I overcooked my steak a tad (I take mine medium). And the balsamic-red wine-shallot reduction I made was too sweet (for my palate). It needed more wine, less balsamic.

I’ve been looking at old stuff in my gallery scrapbook. The scrapbook is for storing stuff you’re not that fond of or aren’t done with or whatever. I reevaluating some of this stuff. Some it looks pretty neat to me now.

A Great Sense of Style

Remember when you had this much energy?


Yeah, me neever.


23 thoughts on “Internet Hoarding and Yoinking (A Very Not-Erotic Post)

  1. I want that bit of art for lemon drop. She has wild fashion sense and small paycheck. The stuff I got her from the consignment shop is BIG CLUE.

    Babbies have such wonderful things now. We only had sticks and rocks.

    Pookietronic is getting a great workout in that thing there (haz it nim?). I bet he’s looking forward to being a biped. You might want to pull out that round table soze he can take a few laps of assisted walking when the spirit moves him. Bet you hold him up with his hands over his head and walk him around. Babbies are wonderfully portable. Until they weigh forty or fifty pounds, then they’re like carrying around an armful of wriggling bowling balls.

  2. VS, if you haven’t seen this already, you might want to have a look. It’s a twenty minute TED talk about babbies and how yumm— and how they “are making complicated calculations with conditional probabilities that they’re revising to see how the world works.” There’s also a video of an experiment with a four year-old that shows why I absolutely adore four and five year-old children.

  3. I like the artwork. Also dig the bouncy chair. As, obviously, does Dudeskull.

    Wish I’d thought of the bowling ball bag when mine were little. It would’ve saved my back.

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