Stick Your Peen in this Mash-Up (RMF)

Get ready for a wild ride, I have an odd mish-mash of things to talk about today, although probably no odder than usual, now that I think of it.

Last night, I made my idea of what a Thai fish chowder would be. It was probably one of the best Thai-inspired dishes I’ve ever made. Seriously. It was seasoned to perfection, it was salty, sweet, sour… It was like being punched in the face with flavor. It was like Flavor came up to you and said “Hey how ya doin’? OMG, look over there–it’s Justin Bieber!”, then–BOOM!–sucker-punched you RIGHT IN THE FACE. Working without a net, I kinda just took bits and pieces from Thai recipes I’ve made in the past and came up with this beaut of a soup.

  • First I fried  2 heaping tablespoons of green curry paste in the skimmed fat from the top of a can of coconut milk
  • Then I dumped in 4 cups of chicken stock, plus the remainder of the coconut milk
  • I then put in my veggies of choice (Which included sugar snap peas, julienned yellow bell pepper and chunks of scallion. I would say put whatever the fuck kind of veggies you want in your soup. It’s YOUR soup.)
  • I added 2 tablespoons of sugar, plus a pinch of salt and pepper
  • I let this simmer for around 10-15 minutes to let the flavors say hello to each other give each other handshakes or reacharounds or whatever
  • Then I put in big chunks of Tilapia  (any mild white fish would work here, I think) and let them cook through for 4-5 minutes
  • I finished up the soup by stirring in around a 1/4 cup of lime juice, 2 tablespoons of Nam Pla, and a big honkin’ heap of fresh basil ribbons (I think cilantro would also work great here.)

I served it over vermicelli rice noodles.

I would advise you to stop whatever it is you’re doing right now, run to the store to get these ingredients, and MAKE THIS SOUP.

Tonight I will be making tenderloin steaks, and  golden beets & beet greens sauteed in bacon fat. I think I will make a red wine-balsamic/shallot reduction to throw over everything. :O!!!!


I found Wick-It on Soundcloud! If you are a fan of rap/hip-hop/electronica/dance/mash-ups, this guy’s stuff is must-listen. It’s just amazing.

What are your favorite phat-booty-beat songs?

must be enlarged to be believed

Commercials for Firewater UPDATE:

Macho Fratboy Inanity For the Lose:

Hot Pirate breaks shit to “Ball and a Biscuit” FTW:


23 thoughts on “Stick Your Peen in this Mash-Up (RMF)

  1. I just wrote a wonderful post praising your good influence, and fucking word press threw it out because I did not include all my information. My break is over. The kitchen floor is dry. And I have work to do now that I will do while I pout about this.

    WILL make that soup— just for me, because clouds would much rather stick his dick in it than eat it. That’s o.k. he just struck out on foot to get the ingredients for the ice cream he’s making tonight.


    • Ooooooh, that made me chuckle. Just between us gals, my husband has NO USE for these sorts of dishes. He’s extremely gracious…and extremely unenthusiastic. There’s never a run for seconds on “Brothy Asian Soup Nights”

      • Cloud’s natural state for critiquing the food that I prepare for him is much like a French man’s. The highest praise is, “Pretty good.” followed by “Decent.” and then “Not bad.”

        I’ve drawn him out by having him come into the kitchen to add spice to whatever I’m cooking for him, and have recently told him

        If you want me to think it’s worth my fucking time to cook something for you, instead of just opening a can; you’re going to have to give me some useful information. I know that texture is important to you, so include that in your critique. Tell me what you liked about it, what you didn’t like, and what you think I could do to make it better.

        He is becoming a much better reviewer of meals.

        I, of course, have no complaints about his ice cream. I buy candy for it. Yesterday I hit Target (tar-jhay) for some household items and cleaned up on some sales. I got some Andes mint chocolates that he will be using on the chocolate ice cream that he started tonight.

  2. That soup does look amazing- I tend to buy the curry pastes in the 2lb 3oz size- Mae Ploy FTW! Dudeskull has some amazingly chubby forearms- he looks like a cuter version of Popeye.

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  4. Cloud’s natural state for critiquing the food that I prepare for him is much like a French man’s. The highest praise is, “Pretty good.” followed by “Decent.” and then “Not bad.”

    I have exact opposite problem. Hubby says everything is delicious, whether he finds it delicious or not. So the word has ceased to have any meaning. I finally sat him down one day and said “Listen, I consider my food to be one of the major contributions I make to this household. I need to know what you like. I need to know what should stay in the roster and what should go.” He’s gotten better about being honest…but he feels funny about it because if he had his druthers we’d be eating steak and potatoes and pizza and sausage and thick chowders and bacony stuff every night. He recognizes that’s not particularly healthy so he suffers my light and veggie-heavy stuff. Like I said, he’s very gracious.

    • I don’t have too many demands on my time, so I just cook clouds his own meals. I make enough for two, and sometimes I join him, sometimes I put the rest in the freezer so that in a couple of weeks I just pull his entree out of the freezer, heat it up, and make a salad.

      He was raised, as I was, on meat and potatoes. Fried meat and fried potatoes, sometimes with a fried vegetable accompaniment. Sometimes with fried bread, as well. I shit you not. We were both raised in Texas by working class moms.

      His favorite meals is Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes with pepper country gravy, and canned corn. He is visibly excited on days I make this. He drops by the kitchen a lot to see how it’s going. I like this myself, but I only need about four bites of meat.

      I’ve been vegetarian twice, for about six years altogether, but I am not persnickety when the right ingredients of acceptable quality and time to cook are not available. In six weeks your taste buds can adapt to anything.

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