Sad, Cold, Lonely, Pathetic Orphans

There will be no orphan posts on my watch!

Lawyers, Guns and Money via S,N. I commented before I realized the post was a couple months old. Now my completely awesome thoughts will go unread and unheralded. I cannot let that happen. WE cannot let that happen.

Anyway, I find the topic pretty interesting. Discuss.


15 thoughts on “Sad, Cold, Lonely, Pathetic Orphans

  1. “Discuss” actor being a troll? I think the SN thread has that covered nicely.

    The LG&M comments from wiley and others were quite good.

    And yes, it is depressing. “Will there ever come a time?” — maybe. Based on the way our entire society is devolving, I don’t have a helluva lot of hope.

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