Babel Fish Seppuku

Reading these comments by wiley/Substance got me thinking about my own mission statement. (Because theirs seem so noble and make so much sense to me.) The fact is I have none. This blog is rather aimless, and now I’m wondering if that’s a good thing. Most people create blogs because they have something to say. I created this blog to play. To play with the friends I met here, and, yeah, to have a place to jot down thoughts if a particularly interesting, cogent one happens to spring to mind. I have talked about everything from movies to poop on this blog. And most of my posts are not deep ruminations on any of these topics; they are just impromptu riffs (although now I kinda want to read a really serious article about poop). I guess if there is any glue that holds this unwieldy mess of words together it’s this: I try really hard to make my entries funny and fun. I genuinely enjoy writing these entries, filled with empty word calories as they are. And I really enjoy the feedback I get. So there’s that. Is it enough? I hope so.

I is Louise

Enough with the serious stuff. Let’s get Sirius. Inspired by this comment, I have decided to run this entry thru Babel Fish, first in English, then Japanese, then…well, you see where this is going

I reckon this will make only slightly less sense than my normal entries:

That these comments which are by wily or the substance are read it obtained me who am thought concerning itself mission description book. Because (his et. al ones therefore with the nobility way, the meaning of having formed so in me.) Fact me is none which it has. As for this [burogu] there is no purpose which is called this somewhat, now I’ So it is; Whether or not m where you think in doubt that’ s.a being good. Because it possesses, perhaps, what most people should be, [burogu], it has their delegations, it draws up. I drew up this [burogu] in order to play. Especially, one which is interesting, has persuasive power should make the spring air, if it happens, in order to play with the friend who meets here in order to possess the place where I note thought, and, it can obtain. I had expressed in the stern of this [burogu] from the movie entirely. And the majority of my posts is not the ruminantia where none of them of these topics is deep; As for those as for me concerning the just a little stern) (knows the fact that really we would like to read the serious article, exactly is RIFF of improvisation. As for me word it’ Whether or not there is a adhesive which keeps the confusion which this it is difficult to handle together, it presumes; s this: As for me the fact that my entry item strangely and it can point to enjoying is really tried eagerly. I when it is without either the powder [re] enjoy the fact that these entry items which are full simultaneously at calorie of empty word are written. And I enjoy the feedback which really I obtain. Therefore there’ s that. Is that sufficient? I so desire. Sufficient of serious raw materials. Let’ s obtains Sirius. By this comment being urged, I due to English, and Japanese Babelfish, first had decided to move this entry item, and this…It has gone somewhere?…It is good, sees

Please to be enjoying!


31 thoughts on “Babel Fish Seppuku

    • Trying to decipher…my guess is…

      “My mission statement is playing lousy soccer in other people’s failed Supreme Court justice nominees and occasionally pushing other people’s comments out of the way repeatedly.”

    • It doesn’t seem to be working for me. I tried to enter text into the text box but the program doesn’t seem to have any “Paste” function. That’s a bummer. I was looking forward to seeing my text Noded.

      • It is a really kooky thing. You can make various things happen in the output window, but it’s idiosyncratic; eecummingsify and dadafy will work right off the bat, but you need a primer on the other stuff.

        Find a text file. Make sure all the quotes are dumb because it doesn’t do well with funny characters; this Jane Austen one is good. Hit “Markov chain a file.” It’ll ask you where the file is, choose the one you want. It’ll ask you if you want it chained by word or character. Choose word. It’ll ask you where to save it, choose Markov Tables. It’ll churn its way through the file. Once it’s done, hit “write from Markov files” and it’ll give you a Tight or Loose option and then let you choose the file you’ve chained from the Austen text. Choose how many words you want written. It will then right.

        The icon by the thing that says GO is gonna write from TextDNA, which is a whole different animal, and those exist in the drop-down under the Janus face.

        TextWrangler can be helpful for prepping JanusNode files and is awesome and free but does not yet include ponies.

  1. Play is the highest form of work.

    I have my own reasons for using my blog the way I do. I have serious issues with posterity because I have seen WW III, I have a.d.h.d. I have thousands of photographs. I’m migrating from Microsoft (boo. booo-oo) to Kubuntu (yea.) and I have let things slide for a long time through no fault of my own.

    I love both of your websites because they are YOU and your delicious BABBIE and your ARTWORK and recipes, and music and funny stuff I never heard or saw before and I can never guess what you’ll post next.

    What a welcome change of gears and entertainment at a low-low cost.

    Carry on, brave Vaccuumslayer.

    • Have you ever gotten a grab bag of stuff? Like make-up or just nitnoid things? I’ve always thought they were so fun because you never knew what you were going to get. You make me feel like my blog is a grab bag. That is a great thing!

      • Iz good.

        I liked getting Cosmetique . I’m too well-stocked now to justify doing it any longer, though. It was like getting a bag of pretty presents as a surprise every month. A lot of it is really, really nice stuff, too. Just sent a whole lot to lemon drop. She happy.

        Before winter is over, I’ll pull the little wells out, grind the pigments up, mix them up with a fine oil and a little beeswax and use them for one or more body paint projects I got on my back burner for cabin-fever fun. Want to do a tribute to Sojourner Truth.

        I haven’t gotten a grab bag in a long time, though. Sounds like a good idea for party favors or a raffle. Or office Christmas presents. Secret Santa is fun, too, especially if you put a three or five dollar limit on it so people have to really think about it.

  2. This blog is rather aimless, and now I’m wondering if that’s a good thing. Most people create blogs because they have something to say. I created this blog to play. To play with the friends I met here, and, yeah, to have a place to jot down thoughts if a particularly interesting, cogent one happens to spring to mind.

    Hey, you are having fun, and you are entertaining others. There’s so much shit going on around the world these days, so we need a dose of humor, entertainment, and friendship. Keep up the good work!

    I’ve always seen my blog as my personal magazine, a place where I have creative control. If I put up an informative entry, that’s great. If I just put up some silliness, no foul. The give-and-take in the comments is wonderful- I really enjoy being able to respond in almost-real time.

    • I’ve always seen my blog as my personal magazine, a place where I have creative control.

      Oh–DUR. I forgot about that. Yeah, that’s really important to me. I don’t care if this is word vomit. It’s *MY* word vomit.

      Also, thanks for da supportive words. 🙂

    • buongiorno, ho provato a localizzare il mio galaxy s3, ma quando chiede l’operatore/gestore nella lista di agvmobile non c’è, allora mi dice di mandare un messaggio da loro consigliato, ma da dove lo mando il messaggio al mio smartphone, non lo spiega, ho provato a mandare una email che l’ho ricevuta ma niente da fare. grazie per la risposta e salutiTiziano

  3. This year’s teddy bear toss collected well over 6000 stuffed animals for charity. The Blades scored the first goal 2:15 into the game. Unfortunately they then took the rest of the night off and lost 4-2. But we all managed to have fun anyway.

      • Almost every minor league team and many college teams do teddy bear tosses these days. So there’s a good chance you could find one nearby.

      • I now feel that the Patented Standard Smut Clyde Comment needs to be used:

        One word:

        It’s amazing! It brings Clydosity to ANY comment thread!

  4. I liked getting Cosmetique .

    i forgot all about that! i used to be addicted…is that still around? also, my daughter and i attended a christmas open house at the museum…outside the gift shop they had grab bags for sale…i was sooooooooo tempted…

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