It’s Like They’re Not Even Trying Anymore

Via, INSTAPUTZ, I found this:

I can assume that when we open up Perry’s briefcase we’ll find crayons, and we’ll find condoms in Cain’s.

Yes, yes. It’s media bias that’s destroying the Republican field…not the fact the field is a clown car filled crazy, dumb, horny, evil clowns.

BTW, I see I did not get promoted to front pager at S,N. Oh noes! You missed out on  fine comedy like my making the Repug candidates look like Smurfs! And giving them funny names like Crazy Smurf, Dummy Smurf, Horny Smurf, and Evil Gnomey Smurf. Basically the same joke I made above–but with blue people! Aren’t you sorry?

UPDATE: I am currently playing Words with Friends. If there’s a difference between it and Scrabble, I’ve yet to detect it, but I figure that any game so addicting that Alec Baldwin is willing to get kicked off a plane for it has to be pretty fun. So, anyway, if you’re interested in playing with me, look up…well..vacuumslayer


9 thoughts on “It’s Like They’re Not Even Trying Anymore

  1. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said… P.S. If you did get frontpaged, next you'd feel pressured to make a post all the time. Followed by, make a good post, etc.Oh, I was mostly joking when I offered my name up. I knew my chances weren't good when someone IMMEDIATELY offered up Cerb's name instead. Cerb's a great choice.

  2. I had no idea that SadlyNo! was looking for anyone. I'm glad Cerberus is up there. Iz kinda serious, but the class war is ON bitchez. It's more than just a few moronic wingnuts at work now. It appears that the personal assistants of the Masters of the Universe are making a go of it.

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