So Much Room for ACTIVITIES! (RMF)

Our new home does not have as much room for activities as our last home. Still, Lord Chubbington finds space to–hipster-like–bring back old dances and make them retro-chic. Here he’s doing The Sprinkler.

On da music front, I have recently discovered Kid Cudi.  He makes more cerebral, sophisticated rap…and ME LIKEE. Of course, I appreciate it whenever an artist shapes rap in his or her own image. Music should always be evolving, and this feels fresh and innovative to me.


23 thoughts on “So Much Room for ACTIVITIES! (RMF)

  1. Well, tomorrow night is the annual teddy bear toss, so that means it must be time for random Christmas music.That looks like so much fun…and that they go to charities is awesome. 😀

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