Nasty Girl

The condition of my kitchen is a great way to tell what kind of day I had.

Yesterday was a bad, bad day.


There’s nothing like getting up at 6 AM to face that. And cleaning a disaster area at 6:30 in the morning? Will these glamorous times never end?!

Evvie B. directs clean-up efforts
You missed a spot!

24 thoughts on “Nasty Girl

  1. I know what it looks like when you have to clean it up in the morning. Shudder. I have my "evening" in the morning and do what "normal" people do in the evening the first couple of hours I'm up and having my coffee. Like most of my web surfing that starts around noon. Then I work til one hour before bedtime. The thought of getting up and doing any amount of housework first thing makes me cringe. Maybe it's not as bad for you as would be for me, but damn. Are you a morning person naturally, or just babbie-ily?That wasn't "nasty", imo. That was just cluttered—needed to be treated like cleaning up after a party except you didn't use paper plates and disposable bottles (you know it's just a matter of time before that's being done. I feel evil just for thinking about it.)You have a nice, big, beautiful clean kitchen. And now it's a nice, big, beautiful, clean AND NEAT kitchen with all the dishes done and the counters and such wiped down. Good job. I feel vicariously productive and am enjoying your kitchen. Got any coffee? I fell asleep a t 6 yesterday evening and woke up at midnight. My body is being really ridiculous on the sleep issue.

  2. Will these glamorous times never end?!uhhhhhh…in approximately 18 years or so…depending on your upcoming spawning plans…also, are those SANDALS i see lying on the floor?!?!? such things are but a fond memory here in the arctic…i broke out my super heavy 'zero king' vintage man's winter overcoat today…mmmm…toasty…

  3. People may think I'm gross and uncivilized now, but I do not clean up after dinner. I never have…and now that I'm exhausted by 8 every night, I just don't have the heart. I've always just tackled the kitchen in morning and enjoyed it being clean until dinner. That wasn't "nasty", imo.It was, trust me. The sink was filled to brim with dishes and greasy, greasy water. There were globs of food and crumbs on every counter. It was a war zone in there. I do not envy your sleep schedule. I hope that starts to normalize for you

  4. also, are those SANDALS i see lying on the floor?!?!? such things are but a fond memory here in the arctic…i broke out my super heavy 'zero king' vintage man's winter overcoat today…mmmm…toasty…We're still having some days in the 60's, which is confusing me, cuz I never know what to wear.

  5. eh…i try to always clean up after dinner otherwise, i will not do it…and i stay in bed until the last possible fricking moment,i wish i was one who just popped out of bed and started in on stuff…ha…you are lucky to still have warmth…i still haven't even unpacked my winter clothes, so i've been wearing lots of layers…and the sweaters i didn't get around to putting away last spring…so my wardrobe is a bit iffy…but i got my christmas decos up last night…yay!!!

  6. I'm gonna work on the tree this afternoon. Actually possibly after I sign off here, if the babby's being good. He's been fucking angelic most of the day. Sweet little dumpling. Also SMUT IS BANNED.

  7. maybe I should start a blog, so you could actually leave those links THERE.But then you'd have to spend more time there reading the comments. Who knows, there might be 50 or 100 comments in response to a single post.

  8. Who knows, there might be 50 or 100 comments in response to a single post.Teh zombie is apparently discouraged, as he hardly posts at his own place anymore. Too bad nobody pays attention to his updates.And VS: our 20-year-old son came home last fall between internship and school and got all uppity about how messy we kept the kitchen. After a while you don't even notice, is what I'm saying.w/v nearly has the Zen of it: "toists"

  9. You know what makes Monday mornings suck even worse? Cleaning up dishes from Sunday dinner.This week-end we went easy – broiled some sausages, roasted some asparagus, mashed some potatoes. There were only five, including Ultra Ninja, at the table. Still a mountain of dishes. Mostly glassware. Maybe we should implement a drinking-straight-out-of-the-bottle rule.

  10. I was just going to catch-up with this thread, and what does Smut Clyde do but post a link to a phenomenal series of primitive sculptures made out of FOOD?!Harrumph. What could I do but check out the link, nab the image and look for the artist's website and link to it? And you know what that led to? Yeah. Uh-huh. Some on-line gallery in Frankfurt that hit me with some drop-dead gorgeous contemporary sculptures, and what's a girl to do but ask a gallery PERMISSION to post a picture of the work of a contemporary Chinese sculptor that is so gorgeous you'll want to lick it?Damn you, Smut. Damn you!shakes fist

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