Dominating the Sub

Last night I made a riff on Thai Beef Salad, only to find I did not have fish sauce in the house.

 Thai Beef Salad Dressing

  • juice of two limes
  • couple teaspoons of soy sauce or fish sauce
  • a teaspoon or two of Sambal Oelek or Sriracha
  • fresh or granulated garlic (optional)
  • chopped fresh thai or jalapeno chili (optional)
  • Couple teaspoons brown or white sugar
  • chopped fresh cilantro (optional)

If you went solely by the–at times–astonishingly condescending way people talk to me about food,  you might not know that I’m actually a pretty accomplished cook. Furthermore, I am self-assured in the kitchen. I have dominated the art of subbing. I don’t have lime? I might be able to use lemon. No Parmesan? I can use Pecorino. And I’ve done more daring subbing, as well. I’ve made Potatoes Gratin with Blue Cheese. (OMG, Yum.)

I’m also not a big fan of measuring–CONFIDENCE!

I actually think not always having everything I want on hand actually forces me to be a better cook, because I have to rely on instincts and my palate to get me through. What’s always surprised me is that, more often than not, my subs have been wildly successful.

To the beef salad! It’s basically just grilled steak on top of whatever the hell salad fixins you want to use (although I think it’s more traditional to stick to butter and or/Romaine lettuce and cukes and such…in other words, please don’t throw ham, cheese and chickpeas in there) and your typical lime juice-based dressing, plus torn fresh basil and/or mint. I had a spring greens mix heavy on baby spinach on hand and mint, so I just used that. Why the hell not? It was delicious.

It’s RMF! Whatcha listenin’ to these days?

This is my latest guilty pleasure. If it doesn’t make your booty shake, I would get to the nearest booty doctor–STAT– and get that thing checked. This guy may be able to help you.

Fuck me, someone tell me how to do alt text in Blooger. My B^4 unapologetic ass man joke only works if I can harness its great power!


33 thoughts on “Dominating the Sub

  1. Far Sub Dominant lyrics:(When I was born the goats ran from their pens.)In a glass case with shining lightsFeel the roots and not the ringRigid self control is rewardedGood shell pink sprayingSeven's are coming outOn Caroline's problem nightAt 17 she is glowingThe special visitor's arrivingEh, she says, CarolineA week is a long time7 o'clock comes twice a dayYou will thank me while you prayOver there last SaturdayIn Denmark mermaids on paradeJust happened to be thereDidn't have to rushA little sputnik in Caroline's bedReflecting messages from her headbleep bleep is all she saidAround the universe foreverSo, it seems that vs' assumption is correct.

  2. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said…I am surprised to see Substance McG. was not mentioned. Basically my goal with this post was to frustrate as many frantically-Googling kink-searchers as possible. The idea of horny chaps coming here only to find salad recipes makes me giggle. Hmmmm, maybe I AM a sadist.

  3. that looks super yummy except for the tomatoes…ehhhhh…also, i am always jealous of everyone's food pron…try getting thai ingredients or even fish sauce here in the hinterlands…

  4. If you went solely by the–at times–astonishingly condescending way people talk to me about food…So, do you invite them over for dinner, or not? Is that a conundrum? Are these people close to you or does it happen at random times—like you'd be standing in line at the Post Office and some random guy you've never seen in your life looks at you, sniffs, then says, "Can you even boil and egg without screwing it up somehow?"

  5. that looks super yummy except for the tomatoes…No, it looks good except for the cukes …And just what would be so wrong about adding cheese? (Perhaps some delicious, easily-meltable cheese-like product?) Also, where is the horsey sauce?Call yourself a cook, do you?Insert this in the link, where XXX is your clever typing: title="XXX"Thus: <a href="; title="XXX">A link to something</a>.

  6. "Lifesaver" sez: Hey, some of us actually read what's been typed. (And have all the time in the world, to be fair for once.)If it doesn't make your booty shakeWho am I, Shakira, that my booty should be shaking alla time?Here's some random music, now that summer's here.

  7. that looks super yummy except for the tomatoes…ehhhhh…also, i am always jealous of everyone's food pron…try getting thai ingredients or even fish sauce here in the hinterlands…TOMATO-HATERS!!! *shakes fist* I can find almost any exotic ingredient online. Ever try amazon?

  8. The Food Lion in Berkeley springs was noticeably bereft of things I wanted to buy last night.Maybe I'll do better down the road in Hancock, Md. this evening…Sometimes those charming little towns don't have the best grocery shopping situations.

  9. If you went solely by the–at times–astonishingly condescending way people talk to me about food, you might not know that I'm actually a pretty accomplished cook. I believe you are an amazing cook woman and that is no bullshit! ;-)This sounds so good, but I am beat today. Fighting with three insurance companies(car accident last friday) takes a lot out of you plus, trying to sound half way intelligent on my new radio show just took the life right outta moi. Can't wait to try that recipe however!

  10. I have dominated the art of subbing.I've substituted felt for grass,Asparagus for hedgesAnd now I've got the lawmowerFor good old Uncle Reg's!Awesome sentence, by the way.My one beef (heh heh) with this post is that anyone would consider garlic or chiles optional! When I walked into work, the guy who worked the shift before me could smell my garlic breath from across the room- arugula salad with raw garlic, shaved pecorino romano, and sundried tomatoes.

  11. VS, you may have gotten an e-mail from me, 'cause I figured out how to contact you on this website; but what I hadn't considered was that the e-mail at my website hasn't been set up yet, which explains why I couldn't find my mailbox. Just the "contact me" link and form is up. Cloudtech is going to take care of that when he gets back from his vacation in Portland visiting with his step-bro. I uploaded a widget that allows other users to upload pictures and such, which is part of the point of me domain— it's like an artist's circle where instead of comments, a select group of people can post their stuff there.Hopefully, the speakeasy will be open by midweek, and stone soup university— they're for mingling ("commenting" doesn't seem like an adequate term).

  12. Fuck those insurance companies, I just threaten to take it to the local tv media and they change their tune most times..but still..they sure know how to jerk my chain.BTW, hosting Here Be Monsters today for Gwen as she is busy again. Todays topic is OWS and how they are fighting evictions and foreclosures. It's what keeps me sane..bitching on the radio show, plus HBM is a two hour show 😉

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