Speak to Me with Your Music, with Your Songs

I confess that I experience music by feel. It’s not cerebral, it’s just a hedonistic immersion. But I think I need to pay more attention to lyrics, because I’m sure at times, the words will just heighten that experience.

As the people here grow colder
I turn to my computer
And spend my evenings with it
Like a friend.

I was loading a new programme
I had ordered from a magazine:

“Are you lonely, are you lost?
This voice console is a must.”
I press Execute.

“Hello, I know that you’ve been feeling tired.
I bring you love and deeper understanding.
Hello, I know that you’re unhappy.
I bring you love and deeper understanding.”

Well I’ve never felt such pleasure.
Nothing else seemed to matter.
I neglected my bodily needs.

I did not eat, I did not sleep,
The intensity increasing,
‘Til my family found me and intervened.

But I was lonely, I was lost,
Without my little black box.
I pick up the phone and go, Execute.

“Hello, I know that you’ve been feeling tired.
I bring you love and deeper understanding.
Hello, I know that you’re unhappy.
I bring you love and deeper understanding.”

In the Ether

Do you pay attention to lyrics? Any song whose lyrics particularly resonate with you?


44 thoughts on “Speak to Me with Your Music, with Your Songs

  1. Ya. Ich like gut lyrics. Kate Bush has some winners, for sure. I also like Kristen Hersch (check out the lyrics to "Mania" and the Throwing Muses song on my website) and Joni Mitchell for relatable lyrics (check out "Just Like This Train" and "Raised on Robbery). Good lyrics tell a story, imo.

  2. Someone told me once that Iggy Pop had a total of 16 words in all his songs so he could fake it no matter how strung out he was on stage. I haven't vetted that.

  3. My song is "One Step Closer To The Edge" by Linkin Park.I'm too lazy to link to it.. I have pms and..I'M ABOUT TO BREAK!!!did you like that? what I did there? Sadly, it's the most clever thing I've done all day. :(((Hugs))Laura

  4. Blogger Another Kiwi said… No Language in our Lungs November 29, 2011 12:00 PM DeleteBlogger zombie rotten mcdonald said… Heh. I started Kiwi on an XTC bender. v. gud Kate Bush song, btw.Thanks, I'm a jonny-come-lately fan, but I really really like a lot of stuff. I went through a big XTC phase in the early 90's. So I clicked and listened and looked up the lyrics. Great song, really lovely, clever lyrics, but XTC did have some great lyrics if I remember correctly. It's neat getting somewhat to partake of what you like, music-wise, isn't it? I haven't really had that experience in a long time. Which is weird, 'cuz I have great taste.

  5. As far as I (literary smart guy) am concerned, lyrics are just as important as music. No June-moon-croon; I like lyrically funny/sarcastic/satirical bands. A thrill for the mind & body. (Also whatever BÖC lyrics are.)And for those like me who could maybe tell you if a number's in 2/4 or 4/4, or a minor key, & nothing more, lyrics are how we connect & remember the songs.

  6. You guys have inspired me. Wiley's featured musical artists of the day are Kate Bush (with lyrics) and Frank Zappa (A Little Green Rosetta (which should be an inspiration to anyone who has ever had a boring and repetitive job)).It just occurred to me vs, since you don't pay attention to lyrics, does that mean that—gasp— you don't sing?Because that just won't do. You want some recommendations for lullabies with lyrics to sing to your babbie? Perhaps some tips to getting those vocal chords in shape (good news— one tip includes cranberry juice and vodka (which I am imbibing at this moment).

  7. I'm trying to work up the courage to make a recording of my singing. Yes, I can sing. Well. But I don't know any lullabies! So I will check this out–thank you!BTW, I loved your foliage photograph. Just lovely.

  8. Good. Everyone should sing. It's good for the heart, the lungs, and the abdominal muscles. Just as I expected, my surrogate daughter was living with her paternal grandfather for less than a week before he told her she "couldn't sing." White bastard. Aretha Franklin, after not singing long enough, would sound like shit until she warmed up. Americans see too much lip synching. She and I had a bedtime tape and would sing together every night. I convinced her that she didn't have to sing high just because she was a girl, so she found her natural range. It's a great bonding and trust building activity.Singing is an important part of life— every day. I'm thinking about signing up for singing lessons at the community college if such a class is available (a soundproof room with good acoustics would be great), and some sewing lessons (to learn more about finishing quilts and table runners and such) at a sewing machine store.When I was doing poetry readings, I sang for two hours a day, every day to get in shape for them. My poems are jazzy and fragile and they require a lot of voice control. I got a six-pack from singing that much everyday. Oh— and learning lyrics sharpens the mind.

  9. Well. But I don't know any lullabies!I used to make up lullabies for the Doktorling when she was small. She was particularly taken with one to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus", which begin with "The Wheels in Daddy's Head go round and round (all night long)" and became increasingly perverse with every verse.

  10. Happy Fun Time lyrics.Lyrics that tell a story.Lullabies are kinda weird. I hardly ever remember any lyrics to lullabies, I guess because I'm too sleepy to remember the words when I hear them. Sometimes I make words up but I usually just lalala it.Ultra Ninja does love words though. Moar than melodies, she is into cadence and rhythm, so she gets a lot of poetry. My go-to is Cremation of Sam McGee since it runs so long and flows so well and I now have all of it committed to memory. Also Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats gets a lot of play. Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Omar Khayyan are in her queue.

  11. D-KW, here's a nice long poem-based song for you to sing.And vs, a while back you said you should learn to sing Dio's "Rainbow In The Dark" (cool song, btw) — you should record yourself doing that one.Here's another great Dio song from after he replaced Ozzy at Black Sabbath.Evidently I don't only listen to Zappa.

  12. I like to make up–not terribly good-"songs" on the spot. Sometimes they take on a cheerleading cadence. One of my favorite is…because my son likes to lock his legs and pretend he can stand…is I'm a big boy!I'm a tippy-toe boy!Cuz I stand On my TI-PPY TOES!

  13. Making up songs IS FUN. Sometimes Clouds and I get into some self-deprecating humor after examining something we've done poorly and spontaneously start singing, "Don't quit your day job" to the tune of Quanta na mera or however you spell that, I'm too lazy to look it up right now.

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