Chubby Pointing

This was going to be a multi-themed entry where I mentioned stuff like the Thai Shrimp Soup with Lemongrass and Basil I made the other night, but I am trying to get my house in order (because we are still moving in) for the holly-daze, so I will make this brief.

1.) Didn’t I pledge to make this blog list-based at one point? What happened to that? How quickly I turned my back on lists. I’m such a fickle blogmistress.

2.) I borrowed one of thudner’s gorgeous photos…and I made a b-day card for Jesus with it:

A Night of Crystal Suns

Designing my own xmas card has become a yearly tradition. It just doesn’t quite feel like Christmas if I’m not freaking my relatives out with a card they “just don’t get.” Or find “interesting.”

3.)  Career opportunities for Baby Bop keep presenting themselves–it’s very exciting! Recently he’s shown an interest in gesturing enthusiastically or posing provocatively on/by/under inanimate objects. There’s really only one thing to with this sort of talent: Become a “Price Is Right” model. When I watch the show, I often find myself thinking “Needs moar babies.”

Look at this  TABLE! A sleek profile in glass and metal makes this the ideal choice for your modern interior!

4.) Finally, I’m really bummed more of you didn’t take me up on my bad movie challenge. You weren’t out having lives, were you? Because you should know that that violates the TOS of this blog.


23 thoughts on “Chubby Pointing

  1. Enjoy him while he's young and cute. He'll be a sullen teen before you know it. :)I LOVE the card. It's gorgeous and if I were on your mailing list, would love to receive it. ((HUgs))Laura

  2. Re movies: THE ECHELON CONSPIRACY! Oh man, it is hilariously, unintentionally bad. But so funny.By the way, a book recommendation. Joan Slonczewski's Brain Plague. I think it would go very well with your aesthetic sense. This is one of those cases where the title doesn't really do justice to the story. It's about a 3D hologram artist in a far-future society where everyone is named after minerals who accepts an injection of "brain enhancers" to speed up her creative process.Turns out that brain enhancers are people too…

  3. No she won't! She just wants to nom him because he's so fuckking chubby and adorable. Seriously, how fucking CUTE is that little guy? He doesnt look real to me. He looks like something the Japanese dreamed up. He's the baby equivalent of a kitten sitting in a teacup.

  4. Beautiful picture. Niice puterwork.A round table! Once babbie can stand and take steps that thing will keep him busy for hours!Kindling?! What a waste of delicious, tender baby! He should be fileted, seasoned, seared, and then lightly braised. I haven't decided what wine to have with him yet, though. It also needs to compliment morphine.

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