Why Bring Beauty and Laughter into Your Lives When I Can Bring You This?

So, over at S,N I asked people about their movie guilty pleasures, and tigris made my heart soar when she said “Beastmaster. THAT MOVIE ROCKS!!!!!! So, anyway, it got me to thinking about another Marc Singer gem. It’s a little-known gem, one you probably have never heard of. But I’m here to tell you about it, because I want to change your lives for the better. It’s called “High Desert Kill,” and it goes something…like…this:

No, no…you don’t have to thank me. I was happy to do that for you. Because I love you. Because I care.

BTW, the reason I remember that movie and have some fond memories of it–besides it being MST3K-worthy–is because I watched it with my mother. And when this scene was on, I got up and started dancing like the SEXAY SHIRTLESS DUDE. I even Cabbage-Patched. Yes, I Cabbage-Patched for my mom. What can I say? My mother brings out the ham in me. And she was like, falling over laughing. So, yay! for mirth and silliness!

Anyway, since it’s the weekend and we can’t ALL have lives, I thought I’d issue a challenge to you: Have you ever seen a movie that was truly MST3K-worthy that has not been MST3Ked? I demand links!!! The Link-Monster is hungray!!!


21 thoughts on “Why Bring Beauty and Laughter into Your Lives When I Can Bring You This?

  1. "The Rising Dead". Clouds and I had a hard time getting to sleep because we kept thinking of come-backs to "This place looks old." Their interpretation of nuclear power is a riot, and the acting was so bad they didn't make convincing zombies. There was one woman in it that acted so poorly that I would be shocked to find out that she could convincingly fake an orgasm.

  2. I remembered the worst movie I have ever seen Warrior Queen Sadly Youtuba has no clips from it. Or maybe they do because WQ steals bits of other films and glues them in where they are needed but the WQ budget did not run to much more than 3 fur bikinis. There are slices of action when the volcano erupts that look totally different to the rest of the film.I couldn't sleep and it was on Teevee in Australia but it could not even get me sleepy.

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