Notes on a Lambchop

Wherein I Monday morning quarterback my Thanksgiving meal.

Overall it was great.

Some notes:

  • The reason I made Zucchini-Feta Tzatziki is because it turns out I did not have a cuke in the house…so I was looking for something with the same watery, mild, sweet flavor profile cukes have. I like to add honey to my Tzatziki and Raita, but I over-honeyed and needed something salty to balance out the sweetness, thus the addition of Feta. It made a fine dip for the lamb, but if I had my druthers, I would have preferred a less sweet Tzatziki. 
  • The Pea Puree was nice, but underseasoned. 
  •  I over-peppered the homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup, but it was still really tasty. 
  • The Lamb Chops were spectacular. Cooked to perfection and perfectly seasoned. The marinade was perfect, obviously. 
  • The potatoes were also perfect, as were the Roasted Carrots and Parsley Root. Parsley Root is a veggie I’d never used before. When I go shopping, if I find a veggie (or occasionally, a fruit) I have not used before, I buy some, then do some research on the Interporns to find out how to do stuff with it. Parsley Root tastes sort of like a turnip infused with Parsley. I probably will not roast it again, but I think it would be amazing in a potato or carrot puree.

12 thoughts on “Notes on a Lambchop

  1. I needed you here last night to reassure me, even though it went over really well. I had a friend who used to dump half a bottle of pepper in her Hot and Sour Soup, and I thought she was crazy, 'til I did it myself. Thanks, wiley! Next time I should hire you to photograph.

  2. You crazee liberals trying to destroy everything good and proper. Thanksgiving was made for turkey and pumpkin pie. You can vary your sides by choosing exactly five items from the following list:mashed potatoesroasted root vegetablessteamed green vegetablegravycranberry sauceHow is that not enough variety for you? Hrmf.

  3. I'm kooky. Listen, if I were waifish and didn't hate people, I'd be everybody's Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Now I need to find a good name for myself. Manic Prickly Dread Girl. Oooooh, I like that. Now I can be a *thing* and also star in a Tim Burton film.

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