What does a vacuumslayer sound like?

I did a previous entry about this, about songs that would be a part of our soundtrack if life were fair and everyone got a soundtrack…and you’d walk down the street and this awesome song would play and you’d be in slow motion and your jacket would blow out away from you and you’d look all cool…

Well, anyway, this song I just stumbled over, tits first, would be in my soundtrack:

It would be playing right before–needle scratch–I tripped over my own big feet and fell on my face. And then my face would have this huge ugly scratch on it. And I wouldn’t be cool. But I would have enjoyed being cool for a few seconds. I WOULD HAVE ENJOYED IT SO MUCH!!


26 thoughts on “What does a vacuumslayer sound like?

  1. Too bad I can't hear the song. What with "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" How was that, BTW? I often have Phineas and Ferb playing because the bright colors temporarily keep Pookietronic happy, and it's actually pretty funny.

  2. We already got the major x-mas presents, but that shirt! I've got to order one for Clouds and one for me after the 1st. We spend so much time at home that we really could spend most of our time walking around with our soundtrack playing. What could be better for doing housework? There could be some major clues in song selections, too, that would make it interesting for a couple. Would your babbie like a soundtrack? I bet if you played some samples, he'd indicate what he wanted for his soundtrack the way delicious, tend— the way babbies sometimes do.

  3. I'd like to do the Monkey Dance in public, while waiting for an elevator. I'd also like to play the following practical joke: Hijack the sound system in an elevator, put on the most quintessential example of a bow-chick-a-wow soundtrack, then get on this elevator with a hidden cam.If anyone is interested, I just posted one of my short stories on my domain, about three or four pages back— it's called "The Straw Man" and is under the photo "Three metals."

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