Recently Added

These are some of the latest additions to my iTunes liberry:


25 thoughts on “Recently Added

  1. Was listening to muh copy of Stevie Wonder's greatest hits the other day and da butt was moving to that number. I posted "hey love" though because I need more than clouds to temper me sometimes.Talkin' about ADHD, I just noticed all the links on the side bar here. Thnx. I posted on Think Progress for a while during the election. It helped me to keep from cracking up, but it wasn't until somebody said something about wishing they could "like" my comments twice that I noticed the "like" feature.Have a tendency not to notice stuff I'm not looking for. Fair warning. Don't be shy about pointing out to me things that seem "obvious" to you, because on my planet, I might have a hard to seeing it while you're pointing at it. ~ Soul is a joint rolled with toilet paper.

  2. Do you, like, pay money for these music things to be added to iTunes?'Cause my recent musical moves were making three playlists on Spotify: Charlie Parker, Charlie Parker w/ strings, & Howlin' Wolf.Yes, I am 85. What of it?

  3. Shan't… be… back!!!It is rather amazing the amount of activity on this blog when you take into consideration that 70% of it's commenters have been banned and the other 30% have left in disgust, never to return.

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