War Were Declared

The Riddled Staff, willfully ignoring the great power and gravitas my attorney, Murray “Cuddles” Goldstein III Esq. wields, recently made certain inflammatory comments on my blog.

Murray “Cuddles” Goldstein has buttons for two speeds: Slow and Litigious. Guess which one you just pushed.

This, coupled with the trauma I suffered after seeing this cacophonous, eye-raping flow chart, which, ironically is designed to aid font-related graphic design, has left me no choice but to take legal action.

I am suing. Cuddles has assured me that we can get a sum of [REDACTED].
This means war.

Take my fonts, bitches! Take them and like them!


40 thoughts on “War Were Declared

  1. Hey, vacuumslayer—why don't you go to my website, put a link to this blog post of yours in your comment and tell me how you did it?Everyone else, please stop by my new blog and comment on the about blogging and post copiously. Tell us what you know about dis bloggy thing.

  2. Apparently a lot of people rilly rilly hate Souvenir. I am one of them.I can't help but notice that the author of that list put two serif fonts together, when they're the two main elements on the page. Not terribly pleasing to my eye, at least. Also, Caroles Chunk makes me want to rip my eyes from my head.

  3. For a while Papyrus had faded into merciful oblivion; I remember seeing it on the cover of Tangerine Dream's Underwater Sunshine in 1986, then nothing. Then Avatar brought it back into popularity, in case you needed more reasons to dislike Avatar.

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