How’m I Doink?

As you may have noticed, I’ve changed things up around here. As I’m tinkering, I’d appreciate if you’d tell me if my blog is still pleasant to look at and readable. If there’s something that’s not legible or something that’s irritating, lemme know, ok?


43 thoughts on “How’m I Doink?

  1. As I read the title banner accross the top of your blog, I can't help noticing that there is a map underneath and I can't help noticing that it is centered on all the socialest, messican speaking countries. Why do you hate Amurica so?

  2. ANYHOO, I'm a fan of mixing fonts. I think it's like mixing patterns. If you do it correctly, it can be pleasing to the eye. I may tinker still, but right now I'm seeing nothing that's bugging me. I've got a couple of serif fonts, a couple of sans fonts…I think it's a good balance.

  3. I'm leaving work in ten minutes. 'Cause it's friday and my first (partial) week and I have nothing further to do, as I have a total of 8 accounts at this point and they're kind of tired of hearing from me at this point. Anyhoo, when I arrive once again back home (it's about a 20 minute commute, but only about one mile on the freeway, and that's only 92, not even one of the big nasty ones), it'll be officially my first WEEKEND (you know, where its different from the weakDAYS) in a very, VERY long time and I'm gonna sit down in front of the Sailor Jerry's with some Rosemary garlic crackers and a big hunk of righteous french triple cream brie and no trousers and I'm gonna KICK IT old skool – as if I knew how to KICK IT some other way, but never mind that now.Someday we'll have a good laugh over just exactly how close I came to being one of those pathetic leathery homeless doods, but right now, if I think about it my butt still puckers.So any of youse guys that wants to drink to the joys of wage-slavery, weekends and living under roofs, please DO join me.And when I figure out how the hell you do day-to-day time management with a full time job I'll start back in with the regular blogging n shit again.

  4. We do not mind if VS tries to get in on the cool brown background at Riddled. We take it as a compliment.BUT there are legal issues and Monsieur Goldstone will be hearing from us, oh yeah.

  5. Very pleasant. You go, girl! Clouds is building my site right now, and we look to this blog, sadlynp! and soon, Riddled, really small fish, and the House of Substance. My Ms is remitting, so I'm super bizzy right now—just dropped by to ask you if you might be inspired to do a painting of Kali?Now that I'm remitting (I didn't think I'd ever be this o.k. again) I'm whipping my household back into a shape that is normal for me, as opposed to what happened to it while I was in Corvallis, going to OSU, and Clouds' caregiver— Vegas let this place go to hell. He didn't see well, and he didn't know the difference between cleaning and straightening. I've just been stewing about it in a brain fog and fatigued for over three years, wondering how I was ever going to repair this. I'm remitting for the first time since I dropped out (April 2008). I guess the Copaxone is working. Bom, bom, bom—Hallelujah, halleluja… When I'm done—such is my discipline—I will not be afraid to worship Kali.

  6. Apologies to Cuddles Goldstein. We now have two lawsuits on the go, one of which is completely fictitious with a non-existent lawyer. I hope Smut gets back from Rock, Paper Scissors club soon.

  7. "My Ms is remitting, so I'm super bizzy right now—just dropped by to ask you if you might be inspired to do a painting of Kali?"I don't paint, exactly, but I'm sure I could come up with something! Please feel free to email me if you want to hire me.

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