A Huge Oversight

Awhile back I wrote an entry about some of my favorite songs. Ever. These are songs I love with my heart and my head. They stir something in me, but I also think they’re technically brilliant. I left a song off the list, a song that was nothing less revelatory for me. When I first heard it, it was like the heavens parted and light washed over me and for three minutes and 44 seconds, all was right with the world.

Do you have a song like that?


21 thoughts on “A Huge Oversight

  1. BTW, I tried to get "Somebody's on Your Case"…because I love that kinda stuff. And iTunes doesn't have the Ann Peebles version. The versions they have are inferior. I'm officially hazzing a sad.

  2. Ummm, no. Not sure if it's age or mental stuff, but I don't usually even want to listen to music unless I've had a few pops or otherwise messed w/ my mind.But just to play along, I'll see if there's a number in my bookmarks I haven't linked here yet.This one struck me as pretty keen when I first heard it, & certainly doesn't make me feel any worse. To paraphrase a line from my literary inspiration Richard Meltzer, "Rock & roll can take you from A to Z; jazz more often just from A to B." And sometimes one only wants to get to B.And yeah, I know all you white people don't get reggae other than successfully-marketed-to-you Bob Marley. This one was a revelation. I had no idea stuff like it was going on when some cat played it for me on a boom box 40+ yrs. ago. I was just more interested in new styles than specific songs when I gave a shit, & came from the age of the album, not the song, before the Internet destroyed everyone's attention spans.

  3. "Cheeseburger in Paradise?" You're trying to give me a tic, aren't you?That restaurant sponsers my co-ed softball team, so I have to hear the song every Wednesday night every hour on the hour. It's not so bad though cause I get to drink cold beer.

  4. BTW, I tried to get "Somebody's on Your Case"…because I love that kinda stuff.Go to userscripts.org and get something that downloads videos from YouTube. Then get a password for Quicktime. Download video, extract audio with Quicktime, convert to your preferred format.Or remind me later.

  5. It's funny you should say that . I used to work at a restaurant that played all of Jimmy's hits on a loop…that's where this tic comes from.I was aware of that which is why I posted that song, it's such a cuuuute tic.

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