Halloween Safety Tips from the Slayer

1.) Do not hand out bibles when kids come to your door looking for candy. Unless, you know, you like flaming bags of dog poo. 

2.) Do not give me Raisinets. Or any sort of raisin-based or raisin-adjacent candy. Do not give me raisins. I hate raisins. RAISINS CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!

That’s pretty much it. Now go out there and dress like a “slutty” occupation and gorge yourself on candy!

I thought it might be fun to show you some of my art, since so much of it is dark and really, really Halloween-appropriate. Enjoy. Or, you know, go fuck yourself.

Beautiful Nightmare Nights
Wednesday’s Very Bad Day

You Never Answered
I Watched You Change
Said the Spider to the Fly
‘Til I’m Deaf or Dead
Early November

Finally…I finished:

Mixed Petit Fours


22 thoughts on “Halloween Safety Tips from the Slayer

  1. ,,,as it seems that you are the only one who knows what pokemon hentai looks like.As if. Pokemon hentai is teh weltanschaungen of intarspoor fascism. You may claim that you have never seen pokemon hentai, but I call Shenanigans as pokemon hentai is more pervasive than Soros.Pokemon hentai is everywhere.Pokemon hentai is everything.Pokemon hentai is everybody.Pokemon hentai is still teh King.

  2. Exclusionary and zombigoted. Stoopit vampires.I may be old-fashioned and zombigoted, but I really don't believe that it's possible to have safe sex with a zombie. Also, as far as vampires go, I would recomend an iron collar as well as a condom.

  3. Stoopit vampires.In defense of Planned Parenthood, vampires are typically seen as teh ones most likely to knock boots with teh breathers. It's not really intentionally exclusionary, just playing to society's commonly held misconceptions.Other undead not mentioned include ghosts and spirits, teh draugen and other barrow-beasts – mummies even and mummies are hawt! Even other Hallowe'en related supernatural critters like lycanthropes or daemons liek succubi ans sendmail get no love.

  4. Does it have to be either or? Why can't I do both?Do I seem like a option-limiting person to you?Those are nice pictures but they don't look liek pokemon hentai.Try Riddled. I heard they're freaky like that. Architects ARE sluts.I always know architects by their tight skirts and stiletto heels.

  5. even tho i think you are a horrible person for your raisin racism, i am still going to tell you that i love 'petit fours'.I am a raisinist, it's true. RAISINIST AND PROUD.Thank you, darlin'. 😉

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